Quality Management In Aviation Industry



Quality has evolved form the definition "Confirming to Specification" by Phil Crosby. To Joseph Jurans Fitness for use and Noriake Kanos 2 D model which emphasizes on "set of expected features and unexpected features". To the modern concept of having a wider scope of product and services that meet or exceed customers expectation.



Can an intangible entity as service be measured by customer or the organization. One way to measure it is by the reciprocating results a good or bad service generates as it is being delivered by an organization. For example good service brings about customer loyalty, reliability, increase in profits margin, ability to successfully breakeven, increase in market share, decrease in cost incurred due to bad services and a negative result in case of bad services.


The most important industry that relies on service is the Aviation Industry. Which is also constantly affected by the geo-political and environmental issues. In spite of these drawbacks this industry has a vast scope for marketing, sales, customer service and delivery systems. All which emphasizes more on people’s relationship with the organization. Here human aspect is first and fore most so as to gain trust of external customers.


Lets summaries what a layperson expects in terms of service from the Aviation Industry, and how the industry can be sensitive to such issues and can capitalize on such expectations and strive for improvements and excellence.


Certain Key Factors affect the delivery of quality services they are as follows…




Information can be collected in various ways the most effective sources are as follows



Travel Solutions


A problem related to travel could be pacified and solved through these solutions or methods to solve them




Issues of Safety


Safety is associated not only with the life of the passenger but also to the personal effects and the following measures adopted by the airline can always assure the passengers that they can rely of the carrier.



Cost of Travel


There are some aspects that can make a customer dedicated to a particular airline and the cost factor is very important there are certain pricing strategies that can bring about such an effect on a passenger.




Personal Preferences


Such as food, which is based on religion, related to health issues, tastes and geographical influences.

Seating request as in case of lady traveling alone and requests to be seated with another lady, Or provision of baby bassinets for mothers with infants, Medical reasons such as injury or may be because the person is too tall and the person requests for more leg space. These requests should be attended to promptly.


Reward for loyalty


There are some gestures of saying thank you in the Airline Manner to list some of them




Market Demands.


Apart from pricing there is a demand created by target segments on the destinations to which the carrier operates.



Event Management



Customer Service





Environment Issues



Hygiene and Cleanliness


In-flight policies




Personal Appearance of the staff


Health Issues


Provision of free check ups and employment of a reliable Para medic among the flight attendant to be made mandatory.




Sentimental Cases




Its worthwhile to benchmark the airline to the industry standards and try to improve on the quality delivered. Finally development of the above mentioned points can always set a given airline in a forefront position and also assures its customers that there is always room for further development and provision of excellent services.