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McDowell County, WV
Hand in Hand
Community Calendar


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The West Virginia Community Collaborative, Inc. sponsors leadership training to interested communities throughout West Virginia.  With FACES (Families, Agencies, Children Enhancing Services) as liaison, McDowell County has participated in this training for the past three years - 27 community people have completed the training.  Additionally, a mini grant is provided to fund a local  project.  This community calendar is the project chosen by the 2002-2003 participants. 

West Virginia Sustainable Community Training Participants:
2001-2002                            2002-2003                   2003-2004
Anita Adkins                                       Linda Beach                            Ron Wyatt
Jo-Claire Datson                                 Carol Carter                            Dorothy Watson
Gordon Lambert                                 Steve Grimes                           Frazier McGuire
Rachel Lester                                      Ella Kelley                               Jeanna Cook
Violet Lester                                       Sandra “Sam” Proffitt               Paul Thompson
Jennifer Orren                                     Kem Short                                Norma McKinney
Norman Clark                                    Robert “Jake” Tyson                Ashby Lynch
Kathie Whitt                                       Linda Vance                             Denise Hicks
Thelma Workman                               Dewey Wimmer                     Bonnie Mallot
                                                                                                          Janice Beavers

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