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~*Prom Pics Continued*~

Whe it got too hot and stuffy inside, we went out to the patio to get some fresh air (and a few good shots.) We met up with Alida and Matt, who had the same idea in mind.

Matt and Alida on the balcony

Aww, isn't that sweet? It's almost like watching a romantic movie! *sniff*

Me and Colin kissed a little too :)

More pics of me and Colin...

After Matt and Alida strolled off on their own, we went over to the front part of the balcoy that overlooks the harbour. Of course, the photographer in me absolutely had to take advantage of the moment and grab some good shots of Colin!

Some of my favourite pics of Colin

The other awesome pics of my sexy guy...the thing behind him is a water fountain (in case you were wondering)

And then there was the view...

If you look in the background of the second picture, you can see a little blue light in the water. That's actually a floating Chevron!

Colin decided that I was part of the view too, so he snapped a couple pictures of me as well.

At about midnight, it was time for us to leave for our cruise. Some of us changed our clothes, some of us didn't. I decided to change because I was really wam in my prom dress and didn't want to be running around on a boat in my high heels!
We all got onto our coach buses and drove to the parking lot of the Westin Bayshore Inn...the same place Colin, Alida, Matt and I all started out!

It was dark out, but in the background you can just see the outline of the M.V. Brittannia, the boat we went on.

Here's a bunch of pics I took out the window and on the balcony of the boat. It's dark, but the lights are still pretty :)

Halfway through the trip, Colin and I were abducted by aliens! I managed to get 2 pics of them--they were almost transparent though...

OK, I lied, it wasn't aliens. I just forgot to take the flash off before I took those two pictures :P

On the cruise, we also passed the sulphur piles. They looked a lot cooler than they do in these pictures.

I don't know what happenned here, I just think it looks really neat!

The boat finally pulled in to the harbor at about 4am, and we went to the school for breakfast. Unfortunately, the camera battery died and I couldn't any pics. I did do something good though! I found a young little bird sitting in front of the school...he was very cold and his heartbeat was dangerously slow and faint, and he didn't even attempt to run from me when I came close to him. I picked him up and held him close to me until he warmed up. When he started feeling better, I could tell because he started moving around and finally looked interested in things. After a few minutes, he simply flew away! :)

The End

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