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~*Prom Pics*~

We all met up in the parking lot by the Westin Bayshore Hotel, so that Bill could unload the horse and carriage and we could get in. While Bill set up the carriage, Alida and I put the ribbons in the horse's mane and tail.

When the horse and carriage were ready, we all piled in and headed off. Of course, the parental units took tons of pictures!

The carriage ride was tons of fun. People on the streets literally stopped and stared at us...some smiled, some waved, and some even applauded! A bunch of people asked us if we were getting married. At one point, we even got chased by a guy wearing nothing but a g-string, a bra, really big high-heels and a platinum wig--isn't Vancouver great? Oh, and about 20 people took pictures of us. It's cool knwoing that one day, sone people in another country are going to sit down with their grandchildren and show them the picture of the horse carriage they saw when they were on vacation in Vancouver :)

When we got to the Pan Pacific Hotel after cruising around for a while, our parents were already waiting there for us, cameras in hand, of course.

When we got into the building, it was, naturally, time for more pictures!

Top Row: Vanessa, Me, Jaime, Erin, Alida
Bottom Row: Katelynn, Carmen, and Megan

Me and Ms. Winters, one of my all-time favourite teachers.

Me, Colin and Jaime

While we waited to be let in to the "Crystal Pavillion," we got pretty hungry. There were a few flimsy morsels of finger food floating around, but some people brought their own snacks!

When we were finally let in, we were all starving. We sat down, had our food (my table was called last, as's a curse of mine!) and enjoyed ourselves. The room itself was really cool; the whole ceiling had strands of crystals hanging from it. The pic here are of the waiting room, but imagine a huge ballroom covered in it!

Beth and Peter, 2 of our tablemates

Amber, our valedictorian

Colin, Jared and Danielle


A picture of our fancy napkins, which were made to look like the building (which in turn looks like a boat). The pic on the right is the building itself, to show what the napkin is supposed to look like.

Vanessa and Danielle

Top Row: Kevin, Danielle, Jared, Tiffany, Vicki, Vanessa, Jessi
Kneeling: Colin L. (not my Colin)

After the meal, some people went out on the dance floor, but since Colin isn't much of a dancer, we mostly just mingled and took pictures.

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