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Just Horses

These are all pics of horses, without people in the picture.
Feel free to use any of these on your own pages, but please make a link back to my page!


This is Amigo, an adorable little pony who is very sweet and very feisty. I was riding him and some stray dogs were barking at us...all I had to do was steer him at them and he chased them away! he also tried to attack a big Quarter Horse gelding named Duster (who can be seen at the bottom of the page.) I've also been given the privelige of falling off of him 3 times!

This is Dancing Puddles, the stallion. He sired "BC's Monster Mare," Fast Lane Cruizin, who has won enough races to make her famous world wide.
Aside from being fast and gorgeous, he is also very gentle and smart.

This is Scuffy, who is very gentle but extremely flighty. I've also been honoured to fall off her once as well!

This handsome youngster is Fast Lane Stridin', who is likely going to be an excellent racehorse or stud. At the moment, he is a real sweetheart but he gets scared of everything. His 2003 pic can be seen at towards the bottom of the page.

This handsome guy is Duster, a Quarter Horse gelding who spent a few days at Southgrove. He jumps, does dressage, western, and gives kisses. Quite the menagerie of talents!


Krissy (Cricket's mom)

Stridin, Stahaken's 2001 colt, giving the camera a nice profile shot

Some pics I took of the yearlings (foals 2002) as they were running around. Yup, I definately have a future as a photographer! :P

Colin decided to take some pictures when we went out for a walk.
Well, I was riding, he was walking, and he took these pictures just down the street from the place we ride at.

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