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Girls and Horses

No Boys Allowed!

You know how girls have this thing for horses? Well, now there's a whole page about it!

Alex and Margie

Me, Clover Penny, and Scooter

Julie (Colin's mom) and Cricket

Me, Colin, and "Tear," the mare who pulled our carriage to the prom.

The day Colin and I took his aunt Sandie and his cousin Rhys riding; pictured here is Sandie and Delilah.

This is a pic of me teaching my little brother Eric how to ride. The horse he's on is Dal Reo Jazz. About half an hour after this picture was taken, something spooked Jazz, and she started running around nervously in the ring. My brother was scared so he started to scream, which only scared Jazz more. He didn't have the arm strength to whoa her, so he fell off. It was funny!

This is me and Jazz, again. She was one of my favourite horses, because she was so sweet and smart.

This is Puddles, the stallion. He loves getting his teeth rubbed!

A great shot of my messy hair, along with Scruffy and Darkie.

This is me riding Mickey. When I saddled her, I didn't do up the girth very tight (my fingers were cold and I got lazy) and the saddle kept slipping to the side. In front of me is Alex and Margie.

Me and Chrissy

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