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Park Street Church
I'm currently attending this "historical" church in Boston, MA. I've met many new friends here who're totally on fire for the LORD, and are great inspirations to me. The church is extremely active in international missions, as well as numerous other ministries in the city.
International Friendship Evangelism
An international student ministry group I was very involved with in Syracuse, NY; and my truest family who's most close & dear to my heart.
Victory Tabernacle Church
My church in Middletown, Connecticut. Great family of God's children who enthusiastically worship & serve God. Come visit us!
Believers Chapel
A church I attended frequently in Syracuse, New York. My first charismatic experience, this is where I first learned to "worship in spirit and in truth". They have awesome praise & worship and good scriptural teachings.
Hong Kong Tourist Association
My original hometown!!! Check out some sights and sounds of my beloved city. Who wants to go for a visit with me?
St. Paul's Co-educational College
This is my secondary school in Hong Kong. Founded by the Anglican church, it is one of the best schools in the territory. The school motto is "Faith, Hope & Love" (1Corinthians13). Check out the school anthem, which is based on the hymn "Jesus, my Lord, my God, my all", still one of my favorite hymns today.

Hop-Yat Church, Hong Kong -- This is my "spiritual birthplace". It is a 120+year-old traditional non-denominational church, and the ancient building is actually designated for historical preservation by the government of Hong Kong. It is active in church-planting throughout the Chinese territory.


Kaya Children International
I went on a short-term trip to Bolivia a few years ago with Kaya (formerly Bolivian Street Children Project) and experienced firsthand the amazing transformed lives of boys whom this group of dedicated Christians rescued from the streets. They've since expanded their services to girls & also beyond Bolivia.
Horizons for Homeless Children
Horizons advocate for the welfare & development of homeless children in the Greater Boston area. I spend a couple hours every week volunteering with their Playspace program to just PLAY with kids. What can be more fun than that?
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
I took the Perspectives course a few years ago & it has given me a new focus on God's heart for the world. Since then I have served on several coordinating teams to bring this class to area churches and it's been wonderful seeing people young and old opening their heart to God's mission and getting more involved. Get with the program!
Compassion International
Over 24000 children die everyday around the world from poverty, hunger, and preventable diseases. That's one child dying every 3 seconds!! Compassion is a Christian organization working in many countries to better the lives of children & families. You can help too by sponsoring a child.
I've gone on trips to India, Turkey, Europe... with this tour company. Reasonable prices & good knowledgeable guides, but most importantly, quality tourmates to share the fun.


BBC World
I hate CNN! It's just getting too biased!! This BBC site has much better international coverage & more well-rounded reporting of news you'll never hear from major US sources.
South China Morning Post
Premiere newspaper out of Hong Kong. More coverage on Asia & World news than the typical American source. Don't worry -- it's in English :)
A treat for my Chinese friends -- this site has lots of Chinese (HK, Taiwan & China) news, readable without any Chinese viewer software. Good shopping site too!


Father's Love Letter
Have you met my Father?
The Interview with God
Spend a little time to know Him. You won't regret it, I promise!
Awesome animation of the Creation account according to Genesis 1:1-2:3.
Let's Dance!
This is just plain FUN!!! Be sure to look around the rest of the site too -- she has some hilarious quotes & cartoons!

Music video of a popular Chinese praise & worship song -- Let Praise Arise.


Bible Gateway
Very comprehensive Bible search engine, offering multiple English versions as well as translations in several languages.
The Cyber Hymnal
A treasury of thousands of best-loved hymns. Complete with MIDI & music scores downloads. What's your favorite?
One of my pet peeves is receiving chain forwarded email with unsubstantiated threats and misinformation. This site has a good search engine so you could check out the prevalent hoaxes & urban legends before you forward it to the rest of your unsuspecting friends (or enemies!)
Photo Net
Marvelous site with plenty of spectacular photos (available as wallpapers!) and extensive travel assays from around the world in its WebTravel section. You'll be addicted!
Downloads galore! Find any utilities/games/freeware here.
Too much free time? This has useful tips on everything from Replacing spark plugs to Making chai.
Still have time left? Learn a new language & start traveling the world. Be sure to invite me along!!

Secret pleasures :) Yeah, Ricky Martin! Hola amigo, shake your bon-bon!

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