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Port-Au-Prince, HAITI

I went on this brief mission trip wth a team from my church in the summer of 2011, a year after the massive earthquake which devastated the city. This is the letter to my friends & supporters upon our return. [Augues 2011]

Hope some of you have been able to follow our Haiti trip via our daily blogs. And thank you for praying with us throughout the trip. The past week was filled with stories of miraculous healings from the medical team, engaging interactions from the teachers team, and special bonding from the orphanage team. Just read the blog for some examples of these…

For me personally, spending time at the orphanage was a happy (though exhausting) experience. We have 30 kids ranging from 1.5 to 20 years old in age. And it doesn’t take much to have fun with them. Meet Logiste, a sweet 9 year-old boy who draws beautiful pictures & taught me how to “toss” marbles. And Emmanuel, brilliant 10 year-old who is totally attentive during Bible story time & is always quietly overseeing the others – turns out he’s the pastor’s son! And Veronique, sweet little girl with pleading eyes who gave me her popsicle-stick house to take home as souvenir. And then there’s Dobson, a miniature George Foreman who’s 100% muscle & wrestles with every other kid in fights but extremely tender to the 1.5 year-old baby girl Schnadine. Also Darlime, a too-cool teenage girl who’s too young to be flirting with her sexuality; and Fabiola, a too-cool 13 year-old boy who dreams to be a pilot. I thank God for the short time we have with them, and for the love & potential I see in each one of them. And I continue to pray for a bright future for each of them…

But thinking about these brings me to tears, because the situation in Haiti is soooo hard! It’s not just the material poverty, it’s also the rough arid rocky landscape, and the tarp tents & tin huts & concrete shacks, and the fatalistic mentality, and lack of education & employment opportunities, and poor infrastructure & corrupt government, and broken families, and more casualty every time the earth shakes or the sky opens… As I’m writing this tonight, Haiti is under the deluge of tropical storm Emily which is expected to cause widespread floods & mudslides & damage more homes. It’s hard not to ask God “Why?” and “How long?”

So yes, I’ve been in a depressed & sullen mood since I came back. But please continue to ask me about Haiti, and help me process what I’ve experienced on this short trip. Pray with me for God’s protection & blessings on our brothers & sisters & sons & daughters there. And pray for our team & our church to see God’s hand in Haiti & for wisdom & faith to join in His work as we continue to partner with World Relief. Our World Relief host in Port-au-Prince shared his vision with us – Isaiah 65:17-25 – let’s join in praying this for Haiti.

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