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Friends are friends forever, if the LORD is the Lord of them...

Sherrie Reid Sherrie is my neighbor, ex-colleague, and dearest dearest friend. She's a constant source of encouragement, inspiration, and FUN! She is teacher extraordinaire, and specializes in playing princesses in drama :) Check out her awesome testimony from her recent missions trip to Costa Rica. I thank my God upon every remembrance of you...
Phoebe Au I met Phoebe at a chinese christian conference last year & found my newest best friend :)
Her gentle spirit doesn't betray her amazing range of talents, and she has the sweetest singing voice to boot! She's been a tremendous blessing to me. Miss ya!
Xiaoqing Xu Xiaoqing was one of my roommates in Syracuse where we both attended grad school. She taught the whole household to cook with oyster sauce as the magic ingredient, as all my ex-roommates can testify :) Oh how I miss those "simpler" good ole days of youth!

Any more of my cyber-dwelling friends out there??
Please send me your URL so I can link up with you too.

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