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HOWDY PARTNER ! Welcome to TEXAS Kennels! We raise and train Border Collies for use on cattle in everyday ranch work deep in the heart of Southeast Texas on our ranch - "6 G" Ranch. We sought out some of the best bloodlines in this area to base our ranchdogs and decided on Keith Gilleon's Spurs lineage and Wayne Gandy's Sam lineage. These dogs will tackle the toughest range steer or the meanest mamma cow yet are gentle enough to work sheep/lambs as needed.The best benefit is they don't ask for a raise or complain about working conditions! We have been training Border Collies for ranchdogs since 1997 when we attended a trial located at the Dunnagan Ranch and we were blown away at the intelligence and drive that these dogs put into their work, they just don't know when to quit! We are now members of the Gulf Coast Stockdog Association and started trialing this season - work permitting since work must come first - and that is what these dogs do! From time to time we selectively breed our dogs and have a limited number of pups available for sale. We do not take this lightly because we wish to preserve the working ability of this breed and insure quality working dogs. If you are looking for a dog, contact us and we will be glad to help you out if we can. If we don't have pups, we sure know who does and will be glad to show you the way! Ya'll come back soon, ya here !

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