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Political Punk Rock From Your Block (Ontario)
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October 15th, 2004 Classified Report Entry By: Ronald Gelding- Team Omega-leader of project Blackjacket

Unfamiliar and abnormal activity has risen up in the last few months in Oshawa, Ontario. Due to the failure of project Blackjacket, our financial backers have decided to pull the plug on the testing. Fearing the slander of the Corporations good names, which also might ruin their monetary enterprises, if experimental information would be placed in the wrong hands. What was supposed to be open and shut testing, resulted into chaotic discord. Some malfunctions transpired during project Blackjacket after the cadavers were brought to life.

The experiment was to have the three cadavers brought back to life only to have their every way of existence manipulated and control for the sake of democratic power. #1 was the first to be resurrected. The brainchild of the three subjects, #1 showed promise to be a future leader of this country. #2 was the second to be revived, and later resented the idea of being second and tried to exercise authority over #1 an #3. The last to have life restored to him would be #3;a hard working subject, who provided great, hands on insight about how to create mindless slave labour.

Project Blackjacket was on scheduled pace, until the acroama session. After the test subjects were taught the art of melicus, musaeus and organum the levels of their mind vulnerability began to decrease. The pre-fabricated educatory program was no longer having any effect on the three creatures. Not susceptible to the ways of thought manipulation the experimental goal had been compromised; aborting and destroying any trace of project Blackjacket was soon after carried out. After the three tests subjects were abolished as well as all the other scientific assessments made during project Blackjacket, life went on as it did before project Blackjacket blue prints were ever designed. The remains of the cadavers were never found upon extermination.

The reports of the abnormal activity and unfamiliar actions are conclusive with the behavioral patters of the three test subjects after the acroama session; the future of our democratic/capitalistic way of life is now in grave danger. These three souls are highly intelligent and are capable of dispersing messages of optimistic change through the process of melicus and organum. Itís my duty and responsibility as Team Omega leader of Blackjacket to monitor these sightings, and to later discover, capture and eradicate these three individuals of Blackjacket.

Blackjacket experientia subjects:

#1 Doug Disaster-Has been linked to have the lowest tones while playing with the two other creatures

Date of Birth: 02/17/83

Date of Death: 02/08/04

Date of Resurrection: 03/26/04

Organum: Bass Guitar

Melicus: Politically organized expressions of change.


#2 Mike Society-Known to strike objects at a rate close to zero, while yelling out words of musaeus.

Date of Birth: 02/01/85

Date of Death: 02/08/04

Date of Resurrection: 03/26/04

Organum: Drums

Melicus: Emotionally hard-hitting thoughts of poetry.


#3 Kenny Chaos-Exhibits strengths in numbers.

Date of Birth: 10/09/85

Date of Death: 02/08/04

Date of Resurrection: 03/26/04

Organum: Guitar

Melicus: Aggressively truthful words of positive insight.