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Progressive Horseback Riding

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Our Services Available:


We offer English riding lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced ages 10 and up. Lessons are taught by a mature experienced instructor in an indoor or outdoor arena. The horses are expertly trained and loves children.


Pricing for Lessons:


Semi-Private Lessons one hour long

$25 per person

With no restrictions, are able to cancel anytime, and there are no contracts.





Print this coupon for your first free horseback riding lesson! Just bring this coupon in for your lesson and there's no obligation. One coupon per person, for first lesson only.


For any new customer, the first three months of lessons for twice a week, its $180 a month. ( Savings of $20)


If you wish to have three lessons a week instead, it is $240 a month ( Savings of $60)


After your first three months, the rates will be regular priced.


Teacher Bio:


Our instructor, Koorosh has been horseback riding for over 25 years. He specializes in English riding, specifically dressage and jumping. He is a certified coach in BC and an International Coach as well. Koorosh has developed a new method of riding the horse without using the bit, bridle or reins. Here is a few pictures below showing his accomplishments: ( Click on the pictures for a bigger view)


Koorosh jumping with just a saddle

Koorosh jumping a 6'3 course

A student in lessons with Koorosh beside her.


For more pictures soon to follow, please visit Progressive Horseback Riding Group and click on pictures. Everyone is welcome to join who wishes to ask for more information or wishes to see a demonstration of Koorosh riding with no reins, bridle, or bit.


Training/Coaching and Riding:


Our instructor is available for coaching or giving lessons for everyone 10 years old and up. He will come to your place to teach. He can also ride your horses for you if you do not have the time to.

His rates are $15 an hour or $20 a session ( around 1 1/2 hours per session).. He is located in South Surrey, BC and will travel throughout the Lower Mainland from Chilliwack to the North Shore.

If you would like to get in contact with him, or would like additional information please phone him at:
(604) 617-5268


The instructor also is available to trim the hoof for $40 a horse, cold shoeing is $80 a horse and hot shoeing is $100 a horse.

There is a limited availability, be sure to Contact Us right away to ensure your spot!


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