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Note: I don't really care whether you get me a long-sleeved shirt or a short-sleeved. I recommend getting me a short-sleeved shirt, though, because they are about five bucks cheaper. Also, please do not get me shirts that are not on this list. If you come across a shirt that's not on this list and you think I might like it, ask me first. It's better to ruin the surprise and not waste your money then to waste a good 20 bucks.
Named first is a little description of the shirt and its location. In parenthesis is the name it's given on the page (look for the name, it's in all caps and bolded, below the shirt).

Unfortunately, this didn't work out quite as well as I'd planned, so each shirt doesn't have it's own individual link. My bad, I guess I wasn't as good at this as I thought.
Please try to get me a good variety of shirts, not just 3 from one band... try to spread it out a little, please.

Iced Earth
1. Something Wicked This Way Comes... it's the first one on the list. (SOMETHING WICKED)
2. Prophecy... On the back it says "I can see cleary now" (PROPHECY)
3. Tribute to the Gods. On the back it has 6 pictures in the shape of a cross. (TRIBUTE TO THE GODS)
4. When the Eagle Cries.... it's about two thirds of the way down. It has a picture of an eagle on the front and an american flag faded into the back. (WHEN THE EAGLE CRIES)
5. It shows the Iced Earth logo with a little blue cross like symbol thing under it. I'd much rather have one of the above shirts from this band, but this is fine too. (SYMBOL)

1. Still Life... it has a red picture on the front with a woman crying, then on the back it shows the faces of the four band members (STILL LIFE, STILL DEATH)
2. Deliverance. It's right below the still life shirt, and it's a dark shirt with shadows of people. (DELIVERANCE)

1. The Legacy... it's the second one down on the Testament page, you can't miss it. (LEGACY)
2. The New Order... it's the one that shows Earth, and on the back shows members of the band (THE NEW ORDER)

Children of Bodom
1. Follow the Reaper. Second one down, it shows blue and a gravestone on the back. (FOLLOW THE REAPER)

In Flames
1. The first one on the page. There's no way you can miss it, it's that obvious. (JESTERHEAD)
2. It shows a gold rectangle that says IN FLAMES GOTHENBURG HARD ROCK (STAR WARS)
3. It shows a picture of a match burning, and says IN FLAMES, it's right above the STAR WARS one (BURNING MATCH)

1. It's the only shirt on the page. (ENGLAND)

I like all the shirts that this band has available except for the first one... I don't like that one. Other then that, I like them all.