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FLYING BC - January 2002
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COPA Flight 92/Red Deer Flying Club is organizing the COPA Convention for 2002. It promises to be a great event with a celebration of COPA's 50th Anniversary, Mountain Flying Classes, exhibits, seminars and presentations and a whole lot more. The convention will be held June 21-23, 2002. Besides the usual convention great stuff, we're including the following:

* We are planning a great weekend and there is more to see after, or before - so plan to spend a few days with us and see what Travel Alberta is really like!
COPA Flights NewsFlash
December 2001
COPA Convention 2002 Will Highlight Western Hospitality and Mountain Flying
caravan of aircraft from Eastern and Central Canada winging their way west to the convention. 2002 will be no different. A flight of aircraft will leave Ottawa to make the trip to Red Deer over several days. It will be a "Flight in Company" ("same way, same day") and not a formation flight, so no special skills or experience are needed. The aim is to give some confidence to pilots who may never have flown that far before. Planned stops enroute will be publicized in advance so that more aircraft can join the parade along the way. Anyone interested in being part of this Caravan to Red Deer should contact Adam Hunt at COPA.

COPA has a small video library that COPA Staff Member John Meyer recently catalogued and organized. This includes tapes on many flight safety and aviation general interest subjects. Sound like a good idea to show at your next COPA Flight meeting? That was the plan! To borrow the tapes the procedure is simple. Let us know which tape you'd like and we'll mail it to you. When you are done with it just mail it back to COPA so the next COPA Flight can see it too. It doesn't get much easier than that! We also have a supply of extra
COPA Video Library now available!
Flight Deck Café
& Gift Shop
Open 7 days - 8AM to 5PM (Winter Hours)
Penticton's Best Kept Secret inside the Airport Terminal
All Day Breakfasts
Assorted fresh baked goods * Homemade soups & sandwiches
Gift Shop features gifts from artists of the Okanagan
House Parties & Catering
Call 493-3536
Print and clip this ad for a free 10 0z coffee with purchase of one of our fresh baked goods. ( expires January 31, 2001 )
Caravan of Aircraft to Red Deer
Past COPA Conventions in Western Canada have featured a
Nav Canada tapes on the Flight Information Centres. These are available free for the asking from COPA. A complete list of tapes can be obtained by dropping a note to Adam Hunt at:

A new year….A NEW LOOK!

January 1 brings a new look to FLYING BC and we hope you like what you are now reading, and seeing.

Each year we try to evaluate what we are presenting, and then revamp our publication to improve on what we have been offering to you, our readers.

Hopefully you will approve, and continue to accept FLYING BC in your mailbox each month.

If you have comments, or suggestions, please let us know!