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FLYING BC - January 2002
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Hey Pilots! “Need an excuse to Fly? Like to help others? Here’s a program that you might be interested in…...I’ve signed up as a volunteer pilot myself, and they’re also interested in co-pilots… What follows are exerpts from the Hope Air web site. If you are interested check out their web page at

. What I’ve seen so far sounds worthwhile I have a short video that I will play at our January meeting.”
Ron Townson
miles and thousands of dollars away, the road to recovery becomes that much harder. Thanks to the generous donation of free flights from our many Air Sponsors, Hope Air flies thousands of
Canadians each year to essential medical treatment. Reaching out to individuals and their families in a time of need, Hope Air is there to provide support and practical assistance. Since 1986, Hope Air has provided over 30,000 flights and the demand continues to grow. Hope Air offers its services in every Province, assisting people in hundreds of communities all across Canada. From Terrace, British Columbia to Corner Brook, Newfoundland, thousands of Canadians have benefited from our service. We assist patients from all illness and age groups. For many, Hope Air is the only means through which they can access the medical care they need.
Coping with serious illness is a heavy burden. When needed care and treatment are hundreds of
Industry Info
Pilots in our program must meet the following minimum experience requirements:
night rating and/or instrument rating. In some cases, we may be seeking pilots who have had previous experience flying in special conditions such as mountain, short-field, turf, or float-flying.
For more information, check the HOPEAIR websitre at:
"We're showing the world that this is NEW Glasair," Ted continued.
It's a big turnaround. Setzer said, "What we've been working on for the past five months is backorders for existing customers." They've been doing that. The all-new customer kit is ahead of schedule, too. "At Oshkosh, we said we'd be shipping new kits
in the first quarter of 2002. We're doing it early," Ted, long of the late Stoddard-Hamilton, said.
We still have Glasair and GlaStar kits in line to go out." There will be a lot of shipping soon, he told us. "Glasair gear parts that we've been waiting on for a long time, are here now," he said. Merry Christmas! Website: