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FLYING BC - November 2001
Our next monthly meeting will be November 13th at 19:30 in the clubhouse. We will NOT be having our “Happy Hour” of Flying for the next several months due to reverting back to standard time, and the resulting daylight hours beinbg reduced, but Earl will be preparing his world famous spaghetti for dinner for this meeting. Come on out by 18:00, enjoy the social aspect of our club and take part in the camarerie with your friends.
Guest Speaker for this meeting will be David Gill, flight instructor at Stage Air, and a former winner of the Penticton Flying Club's Flight Scholarship Programme.
Hope to see you at the club on the 13th.
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BCBC Report
by Gary West
(Breakfast Club of British Columbia)
Collision Avoidance Tips
> Know where the high density traffic areas are.
> Fly as high as practical.
> Obtain an IFR clearance or participate in radar flight following whenever possible, and continue to practice 'see and avoid' at all times.
> Use landing lights at lower altitudes, especially near airports
> Announce your intentions on unicom, and use standard traffic pattern procedures at uncontrolled predictable.
> Always use your Mode C transponder, and cross-check its accuracy with ATC whenever possible.
> Use the appropriate altitudes (1000' altitudes for IFR, and 1000 plus 500' for VFR), even altitudes for 181º to 360º - odd altitudes for 001º to 180º) and don't let your altimeter "wander".
> Clear constantly for other aircraft, both visually and over the radio.
> Keep your windows and windscreen clean and clear...a bug on the surface can obstruct a large object at a short distance.
> Learn proper task management in the air..... the methods that work for you to help reduce workload demands and time crunches.
> Don't get complacent during instruction ..... instructors make mistakes, too!
> When flying at night, don't use white light in the cabin ..... it disrupts your night vision, even if used momentarily.
> Beware of wake turbulence ..... even in the air.
> Understand the limitations of your eyes, and use proper visual scanning techniques.
> Execute appropriate clearing procedures before, and during, all climbs, descents, turns, abnormal maneuvers, or aerobatics.
> Above all, AVOID COMPLACENCY! Remember, there is no guarantee that everyone is flying by the rules, or that anyone is where they are supposed to be.
Our September 29, BCBC breakfast gathering took place at the Heritage Inn in Nelson, BC under beautiful blue skies, but
unfortunately for some, a little turbulent in some areas. Nelson itself was quite calm when we arrived.
Ron Townson and I were met at the airport by several members of the Nelson Pilots Assocation, including Don MacKinnon and John Dale. Our appreciation goes to them for taking the time to pick us up at the airport and taking us to the Heritage Inn, where we all enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. I also have to thank the Heritage Inn for their superb service, and for not getting too upset with us for not meeting our reserved numbers. For this reason, it would make things so much better for eveyone if you would advise me of your intentions to attend, or not, at least 2 days prior to the precluded, of course. I think this is only fair to the restaurant involved, as they need to be sure of sufficient staff, food and seating availability. This way, everyone goes home happy...and well-fed. Thanks for your undertanding, and future co-operation.
The next BCBC gathering, to be held on October 27 in Chilliwack (CYCW), at the Chilliwack Airport Café....."home of BC's best pie". Come out and meet the guys from the Coast, and maybe some from the Island, too. Arrival time is 10:00, and breakfast/lunch between 10:30 and 12:00. As the Airport Café is a small restaurant, it is important to know who may be attending. Due to inclement weather, this event was postponed until November 3, at 10:00 as previously. We have, though, added a factory tour of Murphy Aircraft, and some demo rides in a new Super Rebel thanks to Colleen Dyck, and the generosity of Murphy Aircraft. I hope we can show our appreciation by having a good trurnout for this BCBC gathering.
Our last BCBC breakfast gathering for 2001 is presently scheduled for Kamloops on November 24. Arrival time is again 10:00, with breakfast/lunch following. Look for an update in your e-mail during the second week of November.
Call 250-492-6373