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CAPTAIN: Randy Ford 492-3282

PAST-CAPTAIN: Mike Biden 493-7280

CO-CAPTAIN: Ron Kent 770-1456

NAVIGATOR: Herb Clapham 492-6373

SECRETARY: Brian Rutherford 493-5750

DIRECTOR: Gerhard Schauble 768-1192

DIRECTOR: Jim Ricciuti 494-1934

COMMUNICATIONS: Gary West e-mail: 497-6466
PFC EXECUTIVE - 2001/2002
FLYING BC - November 2001
Page 3
by Randy Ford
Autumn has set in here in the Okanagan and I must admit that I am jealous as hell of all of you that have taken advantage of what seems like endless beautiful days for flying since I am still gimped up with my busted wrist, and have had to leave the J-3 grounded. As of Halloween I will have cast#5 on my arm and I should have the upper hand on my recovery from my early October surgery.
Some new adventures on the horizon for us at COPA Flt.50, for our November meeting on the13th we will have a social supper in darkness prior to the meeting complete with a spaghetti feed in lieu of burgers…Beer will still be available for those who won’t be doing night flights. With that I want to encourage everyone to do their part with the housekeeping related items associated with eating a meal so we don’t burden the already busy volunteers (Earl) that prepare a night like that. Again our December meeting will be included in our Christmas Party, which means it will be on a Saturday night (Dec. 8th) this time @ the Flight Deck Café in the terminal building on the airport. The cost and menu will be available at the November meeting.
One Development that has certainly caught my attention is the sabbatical the club has taken on our scholarship with Stage Air. We are going to try to maximize our strong suit and put more emphasis (read $$) on Young Eagles, this program headed up by Ron Townson is undoubtedly a shining star within the community and one that the whole club can be proud of.
In closing I am glad to see club members still on the lookout for a reasonable aircraft for the club to invest in, I support this all the way and will look seriously with other members at classifieds that may work.
Regards, Randy Ford C-FFCJ
Well, here we are back on standard time, and suffering thru a smaller number of daylight hours (that means less flying hours, too), and much cooler temperatures. Not a particularly nice thought for one who has spent winters in Costa Rica, and Arizona, at times over the past few years. I guess age is catching up (I really hate to admit that), as winters don’t have the same appeal they had a few years ago....OK, OK....several years ago, then. Does that make you happy, now? Enough crying....let’s go on.
What all this nasty talk brings me too is winter flying. The coming of cold weather affects our flying machines in much the same way it affects us. It doesn’t run quite the same, and we must do things a little differently.....a little more carefully. Make sure that you review your own flying habits, and the way you operate your airplane during winter months. It can make a difference in your normal maintenance bills, and a big difference in your airplane’s time to overhaul number. Yes, you will get better performance numbers from the beloved bird in the colder air, but be sure she is warmed up gently (you know what I mean, guys, oops, and ladies), the frost and ice is off the wings, and your survival kit is stowed.
Along with the above, of course, brings thoughts of the upcoming Christmas season, and our club Christmas party. As in the past, we will all be getting together for a great dinner, lots of laughs, amnd the typical aviation "stories"that we all so desperately need to hear. This year's Christmas party will be held at the Flight Deck Café in the airport terminal building on December 8 beginning at 18:00. Ticket cost will be $20 per person, so dig into your wallets for 40 bucks and bring long the "better half" (that's open to discussion.....ed). It will a good evening, and at a neat location....overlooking the tarmac, and Runway 34.
If you have any further comments, I can be reached at tel/fax 250-497-6466, or E-mail