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FLYING BC - November 2001
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NEW YORK (CNNmoney) - The U.S. Department of Defense Friday (October 26) awarded Lockheed-Martin Corp. a contract that could be worth upwards of $200 billion to build its new radar-evading Joint Strike Fighter.
Lockheed, the nation's No. 1 defense contractor, beat out rival Boeing Corp. for the long-coveted deal which is the largest in U.S. military history. "The Lockheed Martin team is the winner on a best value basis," said Jim Roche, Secretary of the Air Force who announced the contract award along with Undersecretary of Defense Pete Aldridge.
Joint Strike Fighter Contract to Lockheed-Martin
Officials made the announcement at a press conference at the Pentagon near Washington, D.C. Friday.
Aldridge said conditions of the contract do not require Lockheed-Martin to share any of the work with Boeing , but added that the government would not stop them from doing so.
"While the Boeing team was not selected, they did an excellent job in the process," Aldridge said. "If Lockheed-Martin wishes to use the unique talents of Boeing they may do so."
The Joint Strike Fighter is intended to replace the nation's aging fleet of fighter aircraft including the A-10 and the FA-18.
The plane is expected to be the government's primary fighter aircraft beginning in 2008 through 2040, Aldridge said.
WestJet Airlines announced that they will commence a new non-stop Abbotsford BC to Hamilton ON flight with their new Boeing 737-700 aircraft on January 19th 2002. The flight will operate on Saturdays only and will operate through to Ottawa and back via Hamilton. It will also be timed to provide connections to their Moncton-Hamilton flight as well. WestJet also announced their 3rd quarter results on November 1st and reported it earned $13.8 million for the three months ended September 30th. Per share earnings rose to 29 cents from 23 cents RPMs increased 56.1% over the same period last year and the load factor for the quarter decreased nominally to 81.1% compared to 81.5% in 2000. Year to date load factor is down slightly to 76.3% from 77.4% in 2000.
Non-Stop Abbotsford to Hamilton Beginning January 19
BCBC Breakfast in Chilliwack, November 3
Our BCBC breakfast gathering in Chilliwack on November 3 was a great success. Althougjh Penticton was fairly windy, and one plane with 3 pax did not leave, ours did. Once above 5000', the wind and turbulence became a non factor. We arrived in Chilliwack to meet 7 others, and enjoyed our factory tour of Murphy Aircraft, and breakfast to the fullest. Look for a full report in next month's FLYING BC.
Selina Smith and Ron Townson with the Super Rebel
Website: WESTJET