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15 Ways to scare/annoy people on online chat


15 ways to scare/annoy people on online chat

1. Act like you know the person. say "oooh your sally from my second grade class!"

2. Say something like "i walk with you in your dreams, i talk with you in your dreams,
just to to sleep and it will all be okay..."

3. Tell them that you are right outside of their bedroom, typing on your laptop.

4. Do a voice chat. Make your voice really high and start singing "wild thing"

5. Repeat everything they type to you.

6. If you are in a chat room with other people, say "EVERYONE LEAVE NOW! THE 67.FI VIRUS IS GOING
TO BE SENT TO ANYONE WHO STAYS IN THIS CHAT ROOM! LEAVE IM TELLIN YOU!!" and repeat until no people remain in the chat.

7. Annoy someone a lot, and after a while, go onto a different screen name. Make friends, then repeat the above.

8. Tell them that you are Mr. Goldridge from the Izzy's in Ontario, Canada. Say somthing like "Hello, Mr. Picklewinkle! We really would like your opinion of our restraunt!"

9. Tell them that you are Madonna and you want them to be in your next music video.

10. Send them scary pictures, like a bright pink dog, and tell them that it's you.

11. Tell them that you are that bug they squished 4 days ago and you are coming to haunt them.

12. Tell them that you are a Pokemon card addict and keep asking them if they want to trade cards.

13. Insist that you are their sister's friend's boyfriend's mom's sister's daughter's best friend's brother/sister.

14. If you know the person, go on a screen name they don't know and pretend you don't know them. Tell them things about their self, and say you only know this because you are psychic.

15. IM Sakurastar03 or Nikeshox73 and say "THE YELLOW TRUCK!"