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Conley's of Logan County, West Virginia





My Father's Memories:

These are some stories told to Bayless Conley over the years and some are his memories.

With more to come! This is a photo of Smokehouse Fork, Hartscreek, WV. The upper bottom of My Dad's Property





Pictures of Cousins, Aunts and Uncles (Past and Present):


I have more Photos in the Conley Family Out Line section of this site.

NEW June 2007

I have quite a few News stories and obituaries that I will be adding to this site! So please check back often to see what has been added.


Conley's in The Newspapers

NEW October, 2007

Source Reports on Deaths and Marriages!

Deaths and Marriages Sources

Favorite Web Sites

Brandon Ray Kirk
Death, Birth and Marriage search for the State of West Virginia
Conley Forum
The History of Logan County West Virginia by Henry Clay Ragland

Thanks to all who shared their photos, articles and input to make this site possible! And Great Thanks to my father, BAYLESS CONLEY, he started me on the love of my family history! Thanks Dad!!!!!

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P.S. Anyone with additional photos for this site please save them as a jpeg and send them to the address above and we will try and put them on.