August 10, 2003

Linda Chin
Univ of Mn / College of Cont Ed
150 Wesbrook Hall
77 Pleasant Street SE
Mpls, Mn 55455-0216

Dear Ms Chin,

It has been a year since I have been in correspondence with you. I hope you are well & still finding success in your capacity at the U of M.

I know I really appreciate the guidance and direction you gave me in choosing courses in my first year at Anoka-Ramsey. I still plan on transferring to the University next year, to pursue the B.S. - continuation of the A.S. - degree in "Computer Networking & Telecommunications" that I will have earned by Spring Graduation Time 2004.

I hope you can find it in your heart & within what I imagine to be, difficult time-restraints, to help me with advise on my goals.

I am enclosing transcripts of the coursework I have completed & the schedule of coursework I have registered to complete Fall '03 & Spring '04.

Please lay before me a typical slate of coursework that I would need to take, beginning Fall '04 & beyond, to reach toward my goal at the College of Continuing Education.

Yours truly,

Andrew J. Junker
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