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Born under the blood moon, her father being a shaman, named her Brice. He gave her his last name because he knew and foresaw that she would be a great leader among men. Brice DivineFire grew up in the village of her people. She became a strong warrior and was taught the ways of her father, a shaman. On the night of her eighteenth birthday men from another tribe attacked her family. Again being under another blood moon as was the night she was born the fight began.
Her father rushed out to protect his home. Her mother took her brothers and sisters and ran into the woods to hide. Brice went with her father to fight for her family. With a bow in her hand she rushed head long into the fight. The battle lasted nearly all night. After having lost so much blood from the wounds she had received in battle she was weak. However, Brice turned to look for her mother and her siblings.
Finding her mother and siblings in a grove covered in blood, each dead with their throats ripped out. Wondering what sort of creature could do such a thing. Turning she saw a man. His cloak blowing in the wind or what she thought to be a cloak. Her heart would race for she knew that he was the killer of her family. Reaching for her sword but to no avail, this man was on top of her, his long fangs sinking into her tender throat. Feeling her life's blood running out of her, she fought back.
Even though she was weak and frail she managed to run an arrow through the monsters heart. Weakly she pushed him off of her and began the ritual of her father to send him into the eternal plains. Cutting his wrist and draining some blood into her hand she tasted it. As was part of the ritual that her father had taught her. That is when the true hunger began.
Now she was banished from her tribe because of her blood lust. She wandered the earth for two hundred sixty one years. Coming upon a group in the woods under the full moon she would make friends. She found some of her own kind. In turn she would meet her love MadDog. Brice would spend a lot of time with them fighting monsters and others not known to their parts. She would be engaged to a dragon king. Though the dragon king wasn't the one she truly loved. She would agree to this. Then one day it came to pass that her love would give her a choice him or the dragon king.
The day would come for choice to be made clear. She was in the woods with the dragon king when her love would appear. Her love would hand her his axe and kneel down on the ground. He would speak to her and tell her if she wanted to kill him to do it right then and there. She would say No and the dragon king was so shocked by her answer that he would try to kill her and her love. The battle with them lasted all day until she would run the dragon through the heart with the only sword that was to kill him. Unknown to her, the dragon king had lied. He would grab her in a fit of rage and blow him self up. Which was the dragon kings way to discharge energy.
She would lay there on the ground not moving. She wanted to give up. Her love would crawl by her side. Pleading with her begging her not to leave him. Her love for him would make her want to come back. She in turn stirred moving her weak arms she would speak softly. She would tell her love to take her away from here. They would go to his home and he would appoint her supreme commander of his blood horde.
Many months later she would return with a spy by her side and meet an elemental who would want her as all men had in that realm. He would offer her and her two closest friends protection and a place in his house. He would also put a collar on her neck to show every one that she was valued. Only to her surprise that was not what happened. She would meet a woman who would hold her heart as well. Feeding from this woman a bond was made. The woman would take Brice to a different realm to visit. She would introduce her to a vampire there. Brice would see that there is more to being a vampire than just drinking blood.
The woman knowing of Brice's past would offer for one of her friends to sire Brice. Brice would agree to this. So the woman set it up for Brice to meet her friend and to be sired. That was the day that Brice met Jeremy Wolfe. He sired her and gave her his last name. Her name would now be Brice DivineFire Wolfe.
This would make the elemental jealous for he felt that all of the women in his house belonged to him but he never showed his anger. Then on a dark day a lycan would come to her searching for help. Telling her she needed some one to protect her. Brice would in turn go to the elemental to ask if she could offer the lycan protection. When come to find out the lycan she thought to be a she was really a he.
The elemental would be angered because of the lycan's lies and he would blame Brice for the untruths. The elemental and his mate would beat her badly. Brice would then call out to her sire for help. Jeremy came to her side and healed her. He then asked her if she wanted to leave this realm and come to live with him and his wife and learn there ways in there realm. She would agree leaving all she loved and all she knew.
Now tell me can Brice survive in this realm? Will she find her way? Will all end up all right? Only time will tell.


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