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Exotic Cars

Lamborghini...What comes to mind when this name is mentioned? Fast, exotic, and expensive. Never the less, The Lamborghini Company has its own story to tell.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in Renazzo, Italy on April 28, 1916. Coming from a farming family, Ferruccio didn't quite inherit the farming qualities of the rest of his family. He was always more of a technical person. After being placed in charge of vehicle maintenance in Rhodes during World War II, Ferruccio started purchasing old military vehicles and converting them into tractors. By 1959, Lamborghini was also producing burners and air conditioning units.

The story goes that he had some problems with one of his Ferrari's and went to the Maranello factory to gripe about it. They told him that he should stay in the tractor business. So he decided to built a better car by himself. He started working on it in 1962... He hired Giotto Bizzarrini (who designed ferrari's 250 GTO engine) to design the engine.In 1963 the engine was finished.

In 1972 he decided to sell 51% of his stock to Rosetti, and later that year he sold the rest to Leimer, he ran the factory for them until 1974 when he left the company and started producing wine. Today it's one of Italy's biggest wine producers with over 900,000 bottles a year. He built a golf-course. Ferruccio Lamborghini died on February 20, 1993.