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Vol. 2, Issue 2                               Summer 2003

Doll Collecting News

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A few new faces you might want to keep yours eyes open for this summer!

 Mattel introduces an authentic Diana Ross sculpt in this new Celebrity doll.  She is wearing a Bob Mackie designer gown from the 1970's.  Part of the Collectors Edition for 2004, the doll is due out in December.  
Barbie celebrates her 45th anniversary wearing a Bob Mackie designed silver and white brocade gown.  
The elaborate black & white embroidered swirl encircles her platinum blond hair.  Another Collectors Edition doll for 2004, due out in December.
Also new from Mattel is a new line of fashion dolls with the younger, hip-hop generation in mind. 
Named "Flavas",
are six dolls of various ethnic backgrounds in the line, each with its own face sculpt.  The dolls range in size from 10" to 11.5" and feature 10 points of articulation.  Each "crew member" comes in two versions: Street Style, and Sporty Style.  A complete doll set includes two outfits, decals and retails for about $14.00. 
Shown above are: Kiyoni Brown - Street Style, Bike Date - Tre & Kiyoni Brown
Shown below are: Tre - Sporty Style, Kiyoni Brown - Sporty Style



From DLD International
The new CED dolls for 2003 include Constance in "Antiquing", and Special Edition Colin in "Golden Angel".  Colin wears a gold variation of "Dark Angel".  Her hair is bronze, and her lips are a new terra cotta color.    

Girls of Many Lands, the newest line of collector dolls from the American Girls company, introduces Saba, 
a girl from Ethiopia in 1946.  Girls of Many Lands is a series of 9" dolls that reflect 12 year old girls 
from "long ago and far away".  Saba comes with a book that tells the story of how she and her brother are kidnapped and taken to live in the emperor's palace.  The doll and book set sell for $48.

If you don't know about Robert Tonner's Cloudland series, there is a new doll in the collection that might entice you to check them out.  Her name is Ida and she is the second black doll in the line.  The first is Hattie.  
The dolls are 24" tall and constructed with a fully jointed cloth body, vinyl head, hands and feet.  They are designed by artist Shelly Thornton and retail for around $199.

 Pauline Bjonness-Jacobsen has always made beautiful black dolls and Kendra is no exception.  Part of her "Paulinettes - Americana" collection, Kendra is an 8" porcelain doll who holds her own little dolly. 

In other news, there is a new book for collectors of Black dolls to add to their library:  
The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls, which is written by none other than Debbie Garrett, co-editor of Black Doll-E-Zine.  Published in full color and available from Hobby House Press, Inc.; or for a limited time, autographed copies may be obtained directly from the author.  The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls has received an average review of 5 out of 5 stars. One reader's review is below:

"Thank You For This Lovely Book! The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls is a worthwhile contribution to the history of black dolls. It can provide the beginning collector with a beautiful, easy-to-understand, fact-filled guide to collecting. As a long time collector, I too value the insights brought to this reference book which I am thrilled to add to my library of doll books. Ms. Garrett cannot be praised too much for what she has accomplished. When I saw that all the doll pictures were in living color, I was doubly pleased. After all we are a people of color and our images can best be appreciated in color. Kudos to Ms. Garrett on a job WELL done! For the love of dolls - Lillian M. Bartok - NYC"

Additional reviews may be read HERE. If you have not already done so, order your copy today!

We get a lot of e-mail asking for information on Black doll shows, and Black doll clubs.  The following list is of upcoming doll shows.  Please contact us if you are aware of any that are not mentioned.  If you would like to report on a doll show, we welcome that, too!  A list of Black Doll Clubs can be found on the FAQ page.
  • "Valparaiso Dolls and Friends Club Annual Doll and Teddy Bear Show"  
    Saturday, September 14, 2003 
    Porter County Fairgrounds: 
    US 49 & Division Rd. 
    Valparaiso, Indiana 
    Contact: Sandy Ilgen 219-364-8830 or email
  • "Black Doll Expo"
    Sponsored by Expressions of Color
    October 4-5, 2003
    Holiday Inn, 1100 Cromwell Bridge Road
    Towson, MD
    10am-5pm, Sat & Sun
    Admission: $5
    Information: Jean or Henry Henderson:
  • Festival of Black Dolls Show & Sale
    November 8th, 2003
    First Congregational Church of Oakland
    27th and Harrison Streets
    Oakland, CA
    Contact: Karen Henderson 510-272 9453