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Vol 1, Issue 3                               Summer 2002

Doll Collecting News

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After a long wait filled with rumors about whether or not the doll would even be produced, 
Mattel's African American Silkstone Barbie has arrived!  

She is the first African American doll in the Silkstone series, and #5 in the Lingerie Model Collection, 
which is designed by Robert Best.  Online prices vary. 


New from Daddy's Long Legs are 12" Fairies.  Violet is a little fairy girl dressed in lavender,  Forrest is her male counterpart who wears an earthtone outfit.  Also from Daddy's Long Legs are little Fairy Babies.  They are the latest in the Daddy's Babies series.  They have jointed arms and legs and are 3 1/2" tall, seated. 


Club USA by Helen Kish: 12" Liberty Belle and 16" Freedom.   Both are limited to 300 pieces each.  

Liberty Belle (red shoes) retails for $249, and Freedom (wearing beret) retails for $319.


Philip Heath has a new company, and a new collection! 

Paradise, and Marisol, from the Contrast Collection by Philip Heath.
Using one portrait, Philip has changed the color of the skin, eyes, and hair to create two different dolls.  Both dolls are 28" tall.  The suggested retail for Paradise is $715, and $670 for Marisol.

Jewel - Lost/Found
Jewel Lost & Found is the "portrait" of a little girl from Zaire.  "Jewel Lost", reflects her anger, tiredness and distress of her condition.  "Jewel Found", is the same girl but her hair, grown thick and luxuriant, and her clear, alert eyes reflect new life and hope.


Take a look at these babies!  

The artist of these dolls is Lorna Miller-Sands, a native of the Bahamas who began creating dolls in 1990.  Today her extremely realistic babies are the talk of the doll world.  Her One-of-a-Kinds command prices of $2000 and up (she uses human hair...her children's...on each doll!)  

You can also purchase her resin babies which are limited to 100 pieces each for around $600.


Big Beautiful Dolls
Speaking of realistic dolls, Big Beautiful Dolls are full-figured fashion dolls of three different ethnic backgrounds.  Dasia is the African American doll.  The dolls are 12" tall, jointed at neck, shoulders and hips.  They retail for $59.95.



CED Dolls by Doug James and Laura Meisner

Meet the CED fashion mannequins of DLD Doll International- Cara Emil Duncan, Constance Erin Dash. The CED is their shared monogram. It is all about a mood and posing and fashion and fashion and fashion and fashion!
Doug and Laura are considering patterns for later in the year, probably a basic sloper type, to allow the collectors to adapt them into different styles. The dolls larger proportions seem to make designing a little easier for the couturier in all of us.
This is a fashion doll created to celebrate fashion. The designers have continuously sought out the finest silks, wools and laces for each ensemble. Cara and Constance are 19 inches tall.

Since they are so humanly proportioned, they are more like miniature fashion mannequins, and work surprising well on the shelf with 16 inch dolls, particularly when posed on their chair.
Editors' note:  While Cara Emil Duncan is of Indonesian heritage, and Constance Erin Dash is of Hispanic origin, we still believe that black doll collectors will be interested in these dolls.  There are rumors that an African American doll, Colin, will be next in the series.  They retail for $350 each and available only from CED dolls.
Cara Emil Duncan,                              Constance Erin Dash.


Last but certainly not least, we are proud to announce the promise of a new Black doll book!  Black Doll-E-Zine's co-editor, Deb has been contracted to fulfill this promise.  The book is scheduled for publication in the fall of 2003.  At the current time, Deb is soliciting 35-mm glossy, portrait-quality, black-doll photographs in the following categories: 

Your first Black doll -- the one that incited your collecting mania
Cloth (antique or modern)
Hard Plastic
Fashion Dolls
Modern Manufactured Play Dolls   (Mattel, Tyco, etc.)
General Artist Dolls (cloth, polymer, porcelain, resin, vinyl)
Dolls created/sculpted by African American doll artists
Boy Dolls
Brother and Sister Dolls
Doll Families
Ethnically-correct dolls, OOAK (one of a kind), Reborn, rare or unique dolls
Paper dolls

For additional information regarding picture requirements including submission deadline, picture documentation, and required permission form, please visit or contact Deb at