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S: Sabra - Bean Soup
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haeitz borei nefashos
salami shehakol

borei nefashos

salami sandwich (even with 'mezonos" bread) hamotzee Bircas Hamazon
salmon shehakol

borei nefashos

salmon casserole (with noodles or bread crumbs) mezonos

al hamichya

salmon loaf/patties
  bread crumbs or matzo meal for taste mezonos al hamichya
  bread crumbs or matzo meal as binder shehakol borei nefashos
salt shehakol no bracha *3
sandwich (even with "mezonos bread") hamotzee Bircas HaMazon
sangria hagofen al hagefen
sardines shehakol borei nefashos
sauerkraut haadama borei nefashos
scallion haadama borei nefashos
schav haadama borei nefashos *2
scotch shehakol

no bracha *3

scrambled eggs (plain or with onions/mushrooms) shehakol borei nefashos
seltzer shehakol borei nefashos
sesame bar haadama borei nefashos
sesame seeds haadama borei nefashos
sherbert shehakol borei nefashos
sherry (wine) hagofen al hagefen
shredded wheat (cereal) mezonos al hamichya
sloppy joe

  with bread

hamotzee Bircas HaMazon

  without bread


borei nefashos

snowpeas haadama borei nefashos
soda (all) shehakol borei nefashos
  if main ingredient is eggs or cheese shehakol

borei nefashos

  if main ingredient is vegetables haadama borei nefashos
  flour or matzo meal added for taste mezonos al hamichya
soup, asparagus haadama borei nefashos *2
soup, barley
  with/without mushrooms mezonos al hamichya
  clear soup with only few barley

    on soup


    on barley

mezonos *4 al hamichya *2
soup, bean haadama

borei nefashos

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