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Assumption School's Fun Day

    Fun Day is taking place at Assumption School on June 5th of this year. This is an event where all of the students get in to teams of about 10 to 15 people. In their groups they have to make their own team name, cheer and team colours. The grade 7 students are in charge of the teams. They have two forty five minute periods when they can make all of their decisions and choices.

    On the day of Fun Day, each team goes around many stations. At each station they have to do the activity that the grade 8 students made up. Sometimes there are obstacle courses or kicking contests that they can do and much more. After they are done the activity, they get points based on a marking system, from the grade 8 station leaders.

    Near the end of the day, the teams say their cheer. This is also marked by the grade 8s. At the end of the day, their is a grand tug of war! This is marked on team effort and team strength.

On June 5th there will be more information the teams, and there will be videos and pictures!

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