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On the Edge of known space, the Delta quadrant, a fleet of federation explorers reach out into the unknown, previously explored by Voyager, Will this foreboding part of space hold the key to the salvation or overall destruction, of what was once the largest exploration and defense organization known to the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, STARFLEET COMMAND.

This sim follows the Exploits of the USS Griffin, a proud and honorable ship, with a proud and honorable crew, you will be exposed to courage, sex, lies, deception, heroes and all that makes a good ship run properly, these are their lives, this is their mission.

The USS-Griffon is a member RPG of the:
Truth Conquers All

This site was created by Rowan Coates, all graphics created by: Admiral John Etling, 9th fleet. and Steve Marriot, all graphics and texts can be used, if you would only ask. Main picture by Tim Peel.

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