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You have just made an important step in your
christian walk. In fact, you should consider
this your first "baby step" of faith in Jesus Christ.
This is the beginning of your christian life.
Christian maturity should now be your goal or
getting to know Jesus better and better, and better!
The growth process will increase your faith in Jesus
and you will grow "in love" with Him as you
grow up in Christ. The pilgrimage has just begun!

Ways of growing in faith in Jesus happen as you
study the Bible..the bible is the word of God! Our
instruction manual for life! We suggest that
you start with the Gospel of John in the New
Testament section. This book shows alot about
the personality of Jesus.

We also suggest that you find a local church and
start attending regularly and join their Bible
study group. If they don't have a Bible study
group, we suggest that you go and find another
church that has one. Bible study is a very
important step for all christians...old and new.

We also recommend reading some christian books by
authors such as Billy Graham, Max Lucado, Chuck
Swindoll, Charles Stanley to name a few great writers.

Probably the most important thing to do of all
things is to PRAY!. Sincere prayer is a huge part
of getting to know your saviour. Humble, honest
prayer is really the only prayer that works.
Continue to pray for forgiveness when you know
you have sinned. Pray for guidance to understand
Christianity and how to become a better christian.
Pray that you learn how to Pray even. :)
Sometimes we ask God for things the He can't do,
because it violates His nature or word.

And, of course, please join us in fellowship.
It is very important to join together with other
christians. And is very uplifiting also.

And now, We pray for you!

"Father, I ask that you richly bless this new child
in your kingdom. May they grow up to have a rich
faith in you and your plan of salvation for
mankind. May your Holy Spirit abide with them always.
May their relationship with Jesus be the best and
may Jesus become their best friend.
thank you , Lord
In Jesus Name