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Romans 3:23-24 All have sinned and are not good enough
for God's glory, and all need to be made
right with God by his grace, which is a free
gift. they need to be made free from sin through
Jesus Christ.
GRACE is God's kindness toward humanity, without
regard to the worth or merit of those who receive it,
and without their deserving it.

Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace you have been saved
through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the
gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.

God will never give up on you, he keeps sending people
into your life, becase he cares about you
and he wants you to be saved! He is calling
you! Can you hear him?

Grace is hard for some to accept, because we were
brought up that you get something for something.
Grace is completely different! God gives, we receive,
we have nothing to do with it.
Except to recieve the glorious gift of salvation!

Salvation according to the Bible Dictionary is
deliverance from the power of sin; redemption.
Jesus' death on the cross is our payment
(redemption cost) for the sins of all of mankind!

Salvation comes to us when we acknowledge that we
are sinners and pray for God to pardon us because of
the payment Jesus made at the cross. This is
sometimes called initial salvation. It is only the
beginning of our being set free from the power of sin
that plagues us; that plagues all of mankind.

God hates sin, but He loves the sinner. This plan of
Salvation is God's way of providing a way for us
to one day be in fellowship with Jesus in Heaven.
This salvation is all God's work.
Even faith, God gives that to us too.

The ability to believe that Jesus is real is of God
also. Ask yourself, why do you believe that
Jesus is everything the Bible or someone
who leads you to Jesus says He is? Born of a
virgin, rose from the dead, ascended into Heaven?

Your human mind can't really believe that unless God
gives you the Grace to believe. That's what
Salvation is also, Grace!

We cannot earn salvation, never be good enough, never
be smart enough, work hard enough to earn
it, and certainly we can't buy it or only
the rich would have it. It's Grace, God's
unmerited favor to us.

God's Salvation plan is the way of reclaiming
mankind, and Jesus is the only way.

When we become saved, we will not immediately change,
it is a process, actually a life-long process.
We try to do good, not because it is a requirement,
but to show God that we love him and for our
testimony. But we do no have a license to sin either.

Peter asked Jesus how many times should we forgive
our brothers? Jesus answered with, "Peter,
seventy times seven." Jesus told Peter to forgive
countless times! So how much more does God forgive us?
Countless times! Why, because He loves us.

Do you want to know Jesus? Do you feel as if something
is missing in your life?
We will give you a prayer to pray at the end of this
message, but it is just an example, you put in your
own feelings and words if you like, what matters is
that it comes from the heart.
And you believe that Jesus is God's son and he died on the
cross for YOU!!

You should also remember too, that you shouldn't rely
on your feelings. Faith is believing, not feeling it.
And remember, if you have any questions,
or we can help you in any way, please ask!

Here is the prayer:
Dear Lord, I ask that you forgive me for my sins,
and thank you for dying on the cross for me.
I ask that you come into my heart and save me from
my sins and help me to be what you have planned
for me.
I accept your gift of salvation.
Thank You Lord, In Jesus name I pray.

You have just made the most important decision in
your life, and we wish you the best and God be with
you, please remember if you need help email us.

GOD BLESS YOU!! I prayed this what?
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