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Before submitting your site, please be sure
to read the guidelines set forth here.
Thank you.

Must agree with our Statement of Faith.
Site must be family friendly.
Must contain Christian content.
Must not say anything hateful about anyone.
Must not contain objectionable, non-Christian material.

Must display the Ambassadors Of Christ ring code
on page submitted for membership,
if you will be placing the code on a "ring page"
submit that page, not your main or index page.

The Founder of this webring does reserve the right
to deny membership for any reason.

We are NOT judging. That is for God to decide.
We can make the choice as to who joins, and what
we are linking to.
As the name suggests, we are Ambassadors Of Christ,
and therefore, we must act as such.
We will not turn away a Christian or someone
searching for the truth.
But blatant following of evil will not be allowed.
For example, those who have adamantly denied Christ
and say so on their sites or follow the devil.
As you examine the
groups that you belong to, examine them as to whether
they are pleasing to God and of the Faith.
Praying today for Gods' guidance, His truth, His
light, His wisdom, His will, not ours.