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Wayne's Woodcrafts

Welcome Scroll Sawyers

This page is for all you fellow scroll sawyers. I will be providing free patterns, tips and polls.

If you have any comments or would like to add patterns, tips or have a idea for a poll please let me know.

Free Patterns

Business Card Holder

Heres the perfect pattern for all those small peices of 1/4" wood left over. All you need is 1 peice 2" x 31/2" and 2 peices 1" x 21/2". Cut out your choice of a base, then stack cut 2 peices for the card holders, glue the card holders to the base.

Click on the pattern to get the full size copy ready for printing

These card holders were done by Ray Phillips less than 24 hours after this plan was posted. Good job Ray !!         Contact Ray at

Christmas Ornaments

Heres 6 Christmas ornaments that can be cut from solid hardwood or plywood. Each ornament is approximitly 2 1/2" wide and can be stack cut to make up to 4 ornaments at a time.

Click on the pattern to get the full size copy ready for printing


Scroll sawyers please answer these polls and find what other scroll sawyers are doing.

Scrollsawing Tips

- To prevent burning on hardwood and plywood cover pattern with 2" packing tape.

- To line up your blade with your table use the end of a steel rule or square against the blade to get the 90 degrees you need.

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