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POWELL...  Wiltshire, England Connection

John POWELL married 1. Sarah GORE 16 October 1770 in Britford, Wiltshire, England

Sarah died 17 June 1789.

Their Issue

Thomas POWELL -baptised 13 September 1771  Fugglestone, Wiltshire
Mary POWELL- baptised 28 December 1774 Fugglestone, died 5 October 1776  Bemerton.
John POWELL- baptised 10 March 1776 Bemerton, died 21 November 1779 Bemerton
Sarah POWELL - baptised 22 November 1777 Bemerton, died 14 October 1781 Bemerton,
John POWELL - baptised 22 April 1781 Bemerton, died 22 July 1784, Bemerton
William POWELL - baptised 21 March 1784, Bemerton,
Fanny POWELL - baptised 8 April 1787, Bemerton

John POWELL married 2. Elizabeth GRACE 16 October 1789 Bemerton, Wiltshire, England.

Their Issue

John POWELL -baptised 8 May 1791, Bemerton, married Mary SNOOK 8 April 1816 Stratford Sub Castle, Wiltshire
James POWELL - baptised 13 October 1793 Bemerton, married Ann KING, Britford.


1st  Generation

John POWELL -baptised 8 May 1791, Bemerton, married Mary SNOOK 8 April 1816 Stratford Sub Castle, Wiltshire

Their Issue

William POWELL - born about 1817
Louiza POWELL - born about 1819
George POWELL - baptised  2 December 1821 Stratford Sub Castle, Wiltshire


2nd Generation

George POWELL - baptised  2 December 1821 Stratford Sub Castle, Wiltshire married 1. Sarah Ann BRUNSDON 29 August 1857 Stratford Sub Castle.

Their Issue

Maria Louisa POWELL - baptised 30 December 1849 Stratford Sub Castle

married 2.  Martha GRACE (born 26 August 1831 West Harman, Wiltshire, parents Joseph and Mary GRACE) 29 August 1857 St Martins Salisbury.

Their Issue

Frank William POWELL - born Abt. 1859.
Edgar George POWELL - born 2 March 1862 East Knoyle, Wiltshire,
Edward Manning Bill POWELL - born Abt. 1867, Salisbury
Alice Mary POWELL - born 28 January 1870, Salisbury, Wiltshire. married Joseph BURTON 6 October 1892 St Martins, Salisbury. Joseph was a railway porter.  Alice and Joseph lived in the railway cottages at Kilmersden in 1898.

George was a gardener and at the time of his death, 28 March 1896, he was living at 23 Trinity Street, Salisbury.  Martha died 17 January 1898 in the railway cottages at Kilmersden. George and Martha are buried in the London Road Cemetery, Salisbury.


POWELL...   Grafton, Australia Connection

3rd Generation

Edgar George POWELL 

Edgar George POWELL was the second son of George POWELL and Martha GRACE was born at 1.50am Sunday the 2nd March 1862 East Knoyle, Wiltshire England. Baptised Edgar George Powell on the 20 April 1862 in the Parish of East Knoyle in the County of Wiltshire. Edgar’s birth certificate states his father was a gardener/domestic servant working in East Knoyle.

On the 28th May 1875, at the age of 13 Edgar was taken on as an apprentice cabinet maker to Charles James Whereat. His indenture states that as he was living with his parents at 17 Scots Lane Salisbury, Wiltshire. Because he lived with his parents it was agreed that  wages starting at two shillings per week for the first year increasing to ten shillings per week in the seventh year were to be paid in lieu of board and lodgings. The indenture also included his agreeing to a very strict code of ethics relating to his behaviour until the completion of his apprenticeship. On the 13 May 1882 Edgar completed his apprenticeship and received the following reference from Mr. Whereat “ I commend him as a steady and honest man.

In 1881 at the time of the census, Edgar was living with his parents, younger brother, Edward and sister Alice at 23 Trinity Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire

On the 22 June 1882 at the age of 20, Edgar left Plymouth England for a journey to Australia. He arrived in Sydney on the 14 September 1882 after  84 days at  sea on the “Northern Monarch”. Edgar did not stay in Sydney long but ventured to the Clarence District of New South Wales Australia. He arrived in Grafton, New South Wales, Australia on the steam ship "New England" on Sunday 8 October 1882.

Edgar gained employment with John H. Harris and Joseph Avery as a joiner and cabinet maker in Maclean, New South Wales, Australia. Once working and settled he sent for his sweetheart he had left behind in Salisbury. Emma Phoebe RYALL left  Plymouth on the 9 February 1883 on board "Ellora 1"and arrived in Sydney 11 June 1883. The journey was supposed to take approximately 40 days but instead took 122. Edgar was frantic with worry as to the whereabouts of Emma, he made many trips to the Maclean lookout awaiting vessels steaming up the river from Sydney which he then met hoping for some news about the "Ellora 1". Emma eventually arrived in Grafton at 4pm on the 18 June 1883 and was met by a much relieved Edgar.

Edgar George Powell married Emma Phoebe Ryall at the residence of William Harris, (father of his employer John Harris) in Maclean, on the 21 June 1883 by Rev. William Eglinton with Joseph Avery (his employer) and Fanny Harris (wife of John Harris) as witnesses.

Their Issue

Daisey Mary Elizabeth Martha POWELL - born 29 March 1884, Grafton, married George Mc I ROSS 1907 in Balmain, died 4 April 1969 Grafton. 
Edward Huyshe Radcliffe POWELL - born 25 August 1887, Grafton, married Mary Hannah OAKS1911, died 15 November 1971.
Ella May POWELL - born 13 July 1891, married Herbert GEAR 15 July 1913, died 10 July  1953 in Grafton.
Henry Herbert Ryall POWELL - born 28 April 1894, Grafton, married Eileen BAKER Grafton, died 29 May 1948 Grafton.


Edgar moved to Grafton in late 1883 where he set up his own furniture making business in Pound Street, Grafton.

1891 Edgar was operating his business from a warehouse in Pound Street, Grafton. He advertised a wide range of services and manufacturing skills including cabinet maker, upholster, bedding manufacturer and picture farming. Edgar was known to deliver his hand made furniture by pushing a hand barrow for great distances. His grandson Baden told me he once pushed a barrow of furniture for delivery to Southgate, a distance of 3 miles and then took the furniture home again as the recipient was unable to pay, he ran his business as strictly cash. 

1898 Edgar was to erect a two storey dwelling adjacent his business premises in Pound Street. He had been living and running his business from the one building and with a growing family and  expanding business, more room was required.

Tragedy struck Edgar’s family with the death of his 1st wife Emma on 4 October 1895. A young women named Elizabeth Caroline CHILDS (nee Evans),  recently widowed herself, was employed to care for Edgar's young family.

Edgar George POWELL married 2. Elizabeth Caroline CHILDS (born Elizabeth Caroline EVANS on 8 August 1869 Alumny Creek, Grafton, parents William EVANS and Mary-Ann DAWSON) on 20 May 1896 in Grafton.

Their Issue:

Arthur William George POWELL - born 2 February 1897 Grafton. married 1. Nellie Ann SWEENEY 16 September 1918, 2. Marie Dorothea BENNETT, died 12 July 1975 Grafton.

Baby POWELL - born 1898, died 1898.

Elizabeth POWELL - born 1899, died 1899.

Ivy Doris POWELL - born 17 September 1900, married 1. Vincent GOODE, 2. Thomas CAMBRIDGE, died 1 January 1982 Casino.

Myrtle Lillian POWELL - born 17 September 1900 Grafton, married Francis William McGREGOR 2 July 1924 Grafton, died 2 May 1940.

Frederick Earnest POWELL - 26 August 1902 Grafton, married Catherine MAHER21 October 1925 Grafton, died 19 March 1965 Toowoomba, Qld.

Gladys Vivian Mary POWELL - born 1906. married James McDONALD 2 September 1925 Grafton, died 2 December 1942.  

1909 saw the closure of the furniture factory due to the mass production of furniture by large city factories. The retail side of the business continued and Powell's is still in existence in Grafton today and still being managed by a grandson of Edgar’s.

Edgar’s health deteriorated in 1932 and management of the business was handed over to his son Harry (as Henry was then known). Elizabeth Caroline POWELL passed away after a series of strokes on 5 July 1935. Edgar was distraught over her death and vowed that he would be with her shortly.  Edgar George POWELL died 10 July 1935. 

Edgar was buried in the Church of England section of the Grafton Cemetery with both his wives.

Edgar was survived by his children Edward, living in Sydney, Harry, Arthur , Frederick, Ella (Mrs. H. Gear) and Ivy (Mrs. Cambridge) living Grafton, Daisy (Mrs. Ross), living  Brushgrove, Myrtle (Mrs. F McGregor), living Ulmarra and Gladys (Mrs McDonald) living  Kyogle. He also had 25 grandchildren and one great grandchild.


Edward Manning Bill POWELL

Edward Manning Bill POWELL was the was the third son of George POWELL and Martha GRACE born Abt. 1867 in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

In 1881 at the time of the census, Edward was living with his parents, older brother, Edgar and sister Alice at 23 Trinity Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire


On the 15 October 1885 at the age of 21, Edward left Plymouth England for a journey to Australia. He arrived in Sydney on the 16th December 1885 after 52 days at  sea on the “S. S. Florida”. Edward gave his place of residence as Cardigan, Wales and his occupation as a painter. A young woman by the name of Jane POWELL aged 27 from Cardigan, Wales, was also on board the same ship.

Edward Manning Bill POWELL married Evelyn Walker WILLIAMSON ( born 1880 Mudgee, parents William Amhurst WILLIAMSON and Isabella Rachel THOMPSON ) 20 July 1904 in Grafton. Edward died 10 July 1932 in Auburn, New South Wales.

Their Issue

Alice F W POWELL - born 1905 Grafton, married John C LUXTON 1924 in Granville.



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