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McGREGOR...the Scottish Connections

The following information has been put together to the best of my ability. I would be interested in hearing from any person with a connection or information to enable the continuation of building the family file.


PATRICK  McGRIGOR  born c1740 in Perthshire possible Fortingall or district. Patrick married  in 1757 at Fortingall, Perthshire to MARGARET McGRIGOR who had been born in  Learagan, Perthshire.


Their Issue:

MALCOLM McGRIGOR born 11th February, 1759 in Aulich, Fortingall

CHRISTIAN McGRIGOR born 1761 in Fortingall, Perthshire

ALEXANDER McGRIGOR born 17th March 1762 in Aulich, Fortingall, Perthshire.

DUNCAN McGRIGOR born 30 September, 1766 in Fortingall, Perthshire.

DONALD McGRIGOR born 6th July,1771 in Rannoch, Perthshire

ELIZABETH McGRIGOR born 22nd February, 1774 in Rannoch, Perthshire

EWAN McGRIGOR, born 24th October, 1778 in Rannoch, Perthshire

1st Generation

Duncan McGRIGOR, the 4th child of Patrick and Margaret, was the father of twin boys born to Ann FERGUSON in Edinample, Balqhidder, Perthshire. The boys, William and Alexander were born out of wedlock and were baptised 24 May 1790. Duncan is said to be the son of the deceased Patrick McGRIGOR late of Miln-Town of Edinample. It is a further 15 years before Duncan is heard of again this time in Argyllshire. Duncan was still with Ann Ferguson and they  had six more children. The youngest two, Dugald and Duncan, were baptised in 1805 and 1807 at Ardtornish, Morvern, Argyllshire.

Their Issue

ALEXANDER McGRIGOR - baptised 24th May 1790, Balqhidder parish,  Perthshire, and died 24th  September, 1864 at Lochaline, Morvern, Argyllshire.

WILLIAM McGRIGOR -  baptised 24th May 1790 Balqhidder parish, married Janet COLQUHOUN, died before 1841 Morvern, Argyllshire.

MAISEY McGREGOR - buried Lochaline churchyard cemetery, Morvern, Argyllshire.

CATHERINE McGREGOR -  born c1794

JOHN McGREGOR - b. 18 May 1800, Morvern, Scotland; d. 28 August 1888 Ulmarra, N.S.W., Australia

ANGUS McGREGOR -  b. c.1803, Morvern, Argyllshire, Scotland, death location and date have not been established but is presumed to be in Australia..

DUGALD McGREGOR -  b. 20 April 1805, Ardtornish, Morvern, Argyllshire, Scotland; d. 1829.

DUNCAN McGREGOR -  b. 10 October 1807, Ardtornish, Morven, Argyllshire, Scotland.

Duncan was employed as a shepherd, on the 1841 census he was in the  Albuie, District of Claggan, north of Achranich, Morvern, Argyllshire. His wife ANN FERGUSON, who was born in 1765, had died before the 1841 census. Duncan died in 1844 at Morvern , and was

buried in Lochaline churchyard at Morvern, in Argyllshire, where his late wife Ann and children MAISEY and DUGALD  were also buried.

Two of Duncan and Annís children and a grandson migrated to Australia which leads us to 

McGREGOR'S - The Australian Connection

2nd Generation

JOHN McGREGOR, (son of Duncan and Ann) born 18th May 1800 in Morvern, Argyllshire, married c.1829 ELIZABETH ANDREW (daughter of Donald ANDREW and Margaret JACK baptised 15th May, 1797 in Bower, Caithness).

Their issue:

ANN McGREGOR - , born 23rd May 1830 in Aharacle, Morvern, Argyllshire, married Samuel OSBORNE 14 October 1847 Raymond Terrace, N.S.W., Australia, died 1 November 1857 

 CATHERINE McGREGOR - , born 23rd May 1830 in Aharacle, Argyllshire.  (did not migrate to Australia with family))

MARGARET McGREGOR -  born 19th January 1832 in Morvern, Argyllshire, married Donald McINTOSH 15 June 1852 East Maitland, N.S.W., Australia, died 9th January, 1906, Ulmarra, NSW Australia.

DUGALD McGREGOR -  born 1st December, 1833 in Morvern, Argyll and died 22nd December, 1910, Ulmarra NSW Australia.

DUNCAN McGREGOR -  born 23rd February, 1835, at Achranich, Morvern, died 1835.

JOHANN McGREGOR - , born in Australia 6th August 1841 at Brandon, Williams River in NSW, Australia.


John, Elizabeth and their young family arrived in Australia 2 January 1838 on board the

"Brilliant" settling in the Hunter District. Sometime in the 1860's they moved to the 

Clarence River District. John and Elizabeth resided there for the remainder of

their lives. John McGregor died 28th August, 1888 at Ulmarra, NSW, and Elizabeth on 25th August, 1869, also at Ulmarra, they are buried in the Grafton Presbyterian Cemetery.

This family line is being researched by Juliette Hendry, click to go to her Home Page


ANGUS McGREGOR, (son of Duncan and Ann), born c1803 in Morvern, Argyllshire, married c.1840 ANNE  McLEAN, (daughter of John and Anne McLEAN). Arrived Sydney, Australia 7 January 1842 on board the   "Wilson" and settled on the Williams River in the Hunter District.

Their issue:

  MARY McGREGOR -  born 1841 Argyllshire, married David STOKES 12 October 1864, Ulmarra, N.S.W., Australia, died 2nd January, 1878 at South Arm, Ulmarra N.S.W.

DUNCAN McGREGOR -  born 1st December 1842, "Brandon", Williams River N.S.W, Australia, married Annie NOUD 1 February 1870 Grafton, N.S.W., Australia, died 28th January, 1921 at Calliope, Ulmarra N.S.W., Australia. .

Little is known of Angus McGREGOR and his family after the birth of their son Duncan. It appears that his wife Ann died but death or burial records have yet to be found. Angus may have remarried to Mary GILLIES or McDONALD on 27 January 1852. The parish marriage record states Angus is a widower living at Millers Forrest, New South Wales. Ann GILLES/ McDONALD also had three children, but after their marriage the family is not heard from again. Mary McGREGOR'S obituary states that she grew up on the Manning. Both Mary and Duncan were on the Clarence by 1860, they may have travelled there with their Uncle John.


3rd Generation

William McGREGOR - born 20 December 1834, Caolard, Parish of Appin, Argyllshire,( son of William McGREGOR and Janet COLQUHOUN ) married Elizabeth McLACHLAN  31 May 1858. William died 25 December 1909 and Elizabeth died 16 April 1901William and his family arrived in Sydney, Australia 10 March 1863 on board "Persia" and then moved to Woodford Island, New South Wales.

Their Issue

William McGREGOR - born 20 September 1861 Barony Parish, Glasgow.
Janet (Kitty) McGREGOR - born Scotland, died infancy.
Duncan McGREGOR - born 1863, married Beatrice LORKING, died 1903 Cobar, New South Wales.
Alexander McGREGOR - born 1866, Woodford Island, died 27 July 1945.
John McGREGOR - born 187, Woodford Island, married Maud BELFORD, died 1935 Wollstonecraft. 
Angus McGREGOR - born 1871, Woodford Island, married Helen MUNRO 1899, 
Helen Cameron McGREGOR - born 1874, Woodford Island, died 27 October 1951.


DUNCAN McGREGOR -  born 1st December 1842, "Brandon", Williams River N.S.W, Australia, married Annie NOUD 1 February 1870 Grafton, N.S.W., Australia. Duncan died 28th January, 1921 and Annie died 12 April 1913 at Calliope, Ulmarra N.S.W., Australia

Their Issue
Mary McFadden MCGREGOR - born 12 March 1867, married John NEWMAN 27 January 1896 Grafton, died 17 February 1943 South Grafton, N.S.W. Australia.
William Angus McGREGOR - 4 March 1871 Grafton, married Ellen SHEPHERD 27 January 1871 Grafton. died 1 January 1961 South Grafton.
John Christopher McGREGOR - born 25 December 1873.
Agnes Ann McGREGOR - born 17 November 1874 South Grafton, married  John William FOSTER 17 June 1896 Ulmarra, died 21 September 1953 Dungog, N.S.W., Australia
Duncan McGREGOR - born 12 February 1877 Ulmarra.
Rebecca Margaret McGREGOR - born 15 December 1879 Ulmarra, married William LEE 10 September 1902 Grafton, died 14 October 1945 Woolgoolga.
Thomas Alfred McGREGOR - born 24 February 1882 Ulmarra, married Georgina WILLIAMS 26 November 1903, died 17 September 1911 Grafton
James Bede McGREGOR  born 31 August 1883, married Elsie Edna BOOTS 1912 Petersham, died 30 June 1949 Double Bay, N.S.W.
Joseph Colin McGREGOR - born 1 June 1885, married Ruby Pearl GILLESPIE 19 September 1923, died 24 October 1956 Townsville, Qld. Australia.
Henry Vincent McGREGOR - born 26 June 1887, married May Paternalia and Lily Jessie MORRISON, died 20 September 1961, Brisbane, Qld. Australia.
Samuel Gordon McGREGOR - born 5 May 1889, died 18 December 1964.
Jessie Theresa McGREGOR - born 4 November 1890, married Henry Augustus ROFFEY, died 31 December 1948 Coffs GHarbour, N.S.W.
Alice May McGREGOR - born 3 December 1893, married Arthur Alexander AIRD, died 28 November 1976.  .

I  welcome advice as to errors and or omissions or contact with anyone who is researching the McGREGOR family



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