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Galiano Pics!

If for any reason you would like a better quality copy of one of the pictures on this website please e-mail That would be very nice!

Day One...Sunday the 14th.

Happy smiles everyone! Here's Ashley, Jess, Emilie and Adriel enjoying the beach...PAH HAWAII!

Oh! A biology lesson from Jess F! Look at that sweet little smile! She shows a true passion for molluscas.

Gather round! Who needs fronds like these when you have anenomes! Wait a sec...

Wow Ashley's sittin' pretty! Boy Ashley, you ROCK! hahaha I'm so witty...

Uh oh...I'll let Emilie write the caption for these next two. Here's Shona hangin' around.

Quite the swinger! Is anyone else wondering where her shirt went?

I wanna be a macho man! Check out the socks...HOTT AND TICKPROOF!

Check out the socks! No ticks for us! Muahaha...

This was the coolest thing we saw all day. We're not telling you what it is though!
Hint:"As I was walking down the beach one bright and sunny day..."

Wow ladies (Jess and Adriel)! Quite the climbers! That takes GUTS!!!

We ALL have guts here...except Emilie. She was more afraid of us than climbing.

Terrible pic of the ladies in the bunk room! Wish you were here to sing oldies and tell stories.

Chillin' in the bunkroom. With clean teeth!

Quick entry: Well! Today we took the ferry over to the island and settled into our bunkroom! The afternoon was spent outside, on the rocks and at Bodega Ridge! In the evening we played spoons...with some great rules! So, what do you do if two people grab at the last spoon? You balance it between their noses and the first one to laugh gets a letter! Then we took the puppet out to scare Emilie. Then, as we drifted off to sleep we told stories. I invented a game where 2 people pick nouns, one a verb and another a fairy tale.
Emilie and I fabricated a 'sleeping beauty' story about a fat Austrian princess who lives in the Alps with fairies and as smoked since she was two. She gets attacked by a yodelling man with a wrench and the saved by Olando Bloom and a llama. Orlando comes to Canada and the princess ends up with the llama.
Anywho! that's all that I can remember...maybe Monday's entries will be a little more logical.

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