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My Life

"My name is Stephen Lechner and I am 14 years old and I am the publisher of Scrolling Animations. Scrolling Animations is "A FREE Service for the Lord" and blesses many. I am blessed to have four wonderful brothers who are so great. I have wonderful Christian parents who homeschool all five of us boys. Many people may think that five boys is a lot and that they are too much to handle. Well, if you have the right Godly parents, that answer is false. God has blessed me with the talent of music. I love music and I have been taking piano for seven years.
I have a great Christian teacher that challenges me. And a teacher that challenges you is very good, because it makes you press on and move to a further level and increase in your musical ability. I am blessed to go to a wonderful church with friendly people and great worship. Another talent God has placed within me is the talent for flags. Our church has a dynamic flag team which I am part of. I thank God for the freedom to worship using flags and banners. I am so glad you decided to come to this part of the Scrolling Animations Webpage. Be blessed in Jesus name and have a wonderful day!