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Beauty of Coastal

By Raymond D'souza!

(Panchagangavali Late Evening)

Kundapura a taluk in Udupi District, a place is very differential in Karnataka as well in Coastal.

(Kodi Beach Near Kundapura)

Kundapura have its own significant in varrious issues. Kundapura belongs to its owns language, its own culture, its own food, and its own beauty

The local language called "Kundapura Kannada" is different way of speaking.

In entire Konkan from Ratnagiri to Kochi in Kundapura is based for more than 12 types of Konkani speaking by different castes of people. In that Gowda Saraswath, Christian, Sonar, Mestha, Kharvi, Bandari, Madival, Kudbi, Novayith are main konkani

(Souparnika River)

In whole South Canara, Kundapura is the only one taluk that have more rivers than other taluks. This rivers makes around villages, Mountains and forests more attractive senery.

(Uppina Kudru)

Kundapura town looks like an island. Only southern side I does not have any river rather than river flows around Kundapura. Most of it to make this Kundapura more beautyful is the reason river islands. This only one place in whole coastal Karnataka having most rivers island are hear. On bank of panchagangavali around 6 island and others are close by Maravanthe. island look . Now a days most of the island have connection with road.

1. Uppina Kudru 2. Kannada Kudru 3. Hatti Kudru 4. Heri Kudru 5. Kamasthar Kudru 6. Babbu Kudru 7. Karu Kudru 8. Other one is located close to Maravanthe.

Babu Kudru a river island without any homes, where if stay you can watch over a beautiful senary around like Kannda Kudru, Uppina Kudru, Heri Kudru, Kundapura and Gogalli. As per expertise there is more investment opportunities, if this island could made as tourist place.

(Late Evening from Kharvi Keri)

If i tell about moutain or hill area the credit goes to Kodachadri, a close by Kollur. Then Hulikal Ghats is near to Hosangadi.

(Heri Kudru Bridge)

Byndoor Mountain is situated in between of Byndoor and Shiruri. Here you can find a long seascape of Arabian Sea, the waves of the sea without noice and it called Othinene. That's amaging.....!

(Heri Kudru)

Kundapura also famous for tasty fish called Kane(Lady Fish), which available in local rivers (also called Kundapura Kane). Those poets who ate this fish definitely will not forget to write about this fish and taste of this fish.

(Boating in Panchagangavali)

The recipes for Kori Thalna (e.i. Chicken curry) I think is come from Kundapura. A famous recipe Kundapura chicken is famous not only canara but around coastal too.

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