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I wrote what happened in the 4 pokemon movies they showed in Japan. The first movie is called Pikachu's Summer Vacation. Only pokemon is shown in this movie. The second movie is called Mewtwo Strikes Back. It has to do with the pokemon Mewtwo and Mew. The third movie called Pikachu's Quest, and only pokemon are shown like Pikachu's Summer Vacation. The fourth movie is called Revelation-Lugia. This movie has to do with a pokemon named Lugia and the 3 legendary birds. Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno.

Pikachu's Vacation
In one summer day, Pikachu and the other monsters owned by Ash and his friends comes to Pokemon Land, a park for only Pokemon, to spend their holiday. They are all joyful. However, after a while of their coming through the gate, Togepy starts to cry. He is now a baby, and hungry. Startled, yet wanting him to stop crying, Pikachu pulls his cheeks to make a funny face. Squirtle also tries, though in vain. Bulbsaur finds an apple ripe on a branch of a tree then, and shoots leaves to cut it off. The fruit drops, and rolls to stop right before Psyduck. He takes it, and then, to Pikachu's surprise, eats it. Togepy weeps, his cry keener, until he fells asleep. Pikachu is relieved, but Raichu, Orphan, Maril, a mouse monster, and Blue, a bulldog one, pass near them, chatting loudly. Squirtle asks the group to be quiet, making them angry. As Bulbasaur joins, two groups glares at each other, ready to fight. Pikachu tries hard to soothe them. Togepy totters to a river valley, and onto a log over it. Pikachu turns pale, and follows onto it, crying, "Pipipi (means 'Togepy')." The log moves suddenly. Pikachu is startled, while Togepy is pleased. It rolls down the valley in a high speed, throwing Pikachu into the river. He looks around quickly for Togepy, finding him at a side of the valley. He sighs, relieved. As he is back, carrying Togepy on his back, he gives another sigh to have seen the two groups still quarrel. They decide to have Squirtle and Maril have a swimming match. Obstructed by some of other monsters, both swim with a great guts, and Maril wins. But their fight doesn't finish, for they are not satisfied yet. Raichu's electric sparks sparkles, hitting the ground near Togepy. Pikachu dashes near him, shielding him. A spark hits Pikachu. He stiffens his body, shocked. Raichu and other momsters of his group laugh. Pikachu looks back, his eyes lifted, and burning with rage. He goes close to Raichu, glaring at him. Raichu stares back. A tense hash is between them for all of a minute... They dashes out suddenly. They runs and runs and runs, down pathes, through a river, crashing against monsters on their way; Meowth, who dozes on a grassland, and Charizard are included. Charizard flares up, and dashes after them, but two naughty boys don't care. Charizard fails to capture them, as his head is pushed into a small hole. Puzzlement are in minds of monsters, except for Raichu's group, including Charizard. The hole is too small for his head, and he cannot pull it out no matter how many times he tries to pull back. Monsters ties his leg tight with the end of a long and thick rope, grips it and pulls it with all their mights. They tries over and over, but Charizard's head is still in the hole. Tears fills his eyes, as he is disappointed. Raichu and his group members watch them, keeping a short distance. Pikachu goes near them, and asks, "pika, pika pika chu. Pikachu. (Help us. Please)" They agree with him, and goes to take the rope, except Orphan. They tries harder, and Charizard's head is almost out, yet still in. Tears rolls down his cheeks. Orphan's hands grip at the point an inch before Pikachu's on the rope. Pikachu is delighted. They tries once more, much harder. Finally, Charizard are pulled back, his head out the hole. Two groups are now friends. They repair places which have been destroyed by their fight, and play together the rest of the day. In evening, Ash and his friends come to take Pikachu. As he calls Pikachu, a big smile is on Pikachu's face. "Pikapi! (Ash)" Pikachu runs straight into his chest.

Mewtwo Strikes Back
Who am I-- Where am I-- Mewtwo, who is newborn, opens his eyes in a laboratory, finding a dozen people in white clothes. They are scientists, who have given a birth to him, by genetically processing cells of Mew, the rarest monster on the earth, to creat the stronget monster, able to speak a human language. Mewtwo's birth is not natural, but artificial. He recognizes that, and is confused, and destroys the laboratory. Giovanni, the boss of the Rocket gang, takes him and makes him help with them capturing monsters. (A petty idea, I think) The mystery of his life is always in his mind, and he destroys the base of the gang, too, to be alone. Overlooking the sea in a grassland on a cliff, Ash waits Brock's stew ready at a table. Misty helps Brock. Pikachu finds Togepy totter to the edge of the cliff, and paniced, rushes to help him. Togepy stops an inch from the edge, while Pikachu drops from it. The cliff is not deep at the side, to Pikachu's relief. Togepy chuckles to see him crawl up. A man challenges Ash. Ash cheers up, fights him to send Balbsaur, squirtle and Pikachu, and wins. Then a invitation card he receives, the message told by a beautiful woman in holography. The sender is unknown, who is just introduced by her the strongest Pokemon trainer, and is to have a Pokemon league in the Pokemon castle in New Island. Ash decides to accept the invitation. A storm outrages waves of the sea, so that it is impossible to launch a ship, as his party arrives at a port. They learn that there are many other trainers who were invited by the stranger, and that a female doctor of a Pokemon center is missing. Trainers try the raged see, with the help of their monsters that can move in the water or fly. Anyone of Ash's party doesn't own those types of monster, and they don't know what to do. But a boat appears, and the two sailors offer a ride. Relieved,Ash accespts it. (He doesn't note Meowth at the head of the boat.) Ash is in high sprits in the boat, while Pikachu is scared of pitching. As a huge wave assaults it, the helmets which the sailors wore low over their eyes were swept away, revealing their faces. They are the couple of the Rocket gang, Jesse and James.Ash is astonished. At that time another wave comes, and they are all thrown out of the boat into water. Misty sends Starmie, while Ash, Squirtle, and Ash's friends hug either of them, letting themselves totally in the stream. Then they finally reach New Island they were invited to. So do the gang a moment later. Only three trainers they find there; Sweet, Sorao, and Umio. The woman who appeared in the invitation card tell them to send their monsters from balls, and they obey her. They are astonished when the host appears; he is Mewtwo, the monster who is unknown to them yet. It is out of question that a monster is a trainer, which outrages trainers there. The woman's condition suddenly changes, and she collapses.Brock raises her in his arms, finding her a femal doctor who they learned is missing. Trainers send some of their monsters to fight Mewtwo, but he beats them easily. Then he takes the trainers and monsters to a league field he made. The gang steals into the building in the castle, and happans to enter a laboratory. They find many huge tube there; some of them have a monster. As they wonder what is done there, Meowth is captured by a belt conveyer. He struggles to escape, while magic arms pulls his three hair out. Meowth manages to escape, seeing the computer beside the conveyer starts to work, and a copy of his is formed in a tube. Mewtwo, highly inteligent, studies there and successfully creats copies of Pokemon, that are stronger than the original. And they are not just copies; They have lives. Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise come out of tubes, then go to the league field, called by Mewtwo by telepathy. Mewtwo knows that Sorao owns Venusaur, Sweet Blastoise, Ash, and Charizard. He is proving copies are superior to the originals. It is his revenge for human beings who have given a birth to him, making use of him. And copies are strong. They conquers originals easily, disappointing the invited trainers. Mewtwo's revenge doesn't finish. Weird balls he made flies across the field, each aiming at original monsters there. Mewtwo's balls capture them one after another, now leaving Pikachu. A dozen balls are sent to him. He runs, sometimes shooting an electric beam. Satoshi is irreated to be near him to help him. Finally, Pikachu is captured by a ball. Paniced, he runs after it which flies away. In the laboratory the gang is, Mewtwo's balls which includes the trainers' monsters are carried on the belt conveyer. As magic hand takes one, the computer analyzes the gene, and creats the copy. Pikachu's ball arrives, and Ash follows. Those hands are stretching toward it-- Ash seizes it tight in both his hands, as the hands reach it, too. Ash pulls, with all his might, and some magic hands grabbed him, too. Ash gives another strong pull. Magic hands which on the ball and him are torn, sparking. The computer also breaks, and Mewtwo's balls spits monsters out. Pikachu is saved, too, and Ash hugs him tight in his arms. Copies are summoned by Mewtwo and go to the league field. Ash and Pikachu follow them with originals. Then they see a small, white monster there. It was Mew. Mewtwo shakes his whole body with mixed feelings, dread and delight that he would fight his original to prove HE is superior. As they fight, monsters also battle with their copies hand-to-hand. The doctor says sadly, watching them fight, "They are copies, which have been created artificially, yet have lives, which are valuable equal to originals'." Pikachu's copy appears, too. He glares at original Pikachu, and beats him hard. Pikachu doesn't resist, is hit by the copy's blow, and thrown away-- Monsters, both originals and copies, fight, collapse, and fight... Only Pikachu doesn't fight, though harshly beated by his copy. The copy shouts at him, "pika, pikachu! (Fight me!)" Pikachu shakes his head, refusing to counter. Tears well up to the copy's eyes, but he cannot stop himself while Mew fights Mewtwo. Crying, the copy continues to beat Pikachu. Finally the copy is exhausted and collapses. Pikachu takes to hold him tenderly. Satoshi cannot stand to see them battle any longer. He dashes toward the spot Mew and Mewtwo fight, crying, "Don't! Don't fight any longer!" Two monsters shoot sparks then, and they hit Ash. Screaming, he collapses to the ground. Monsters, including Mew and Mewtwo, freeze and just watch him. "Pikapi!" Pikachu goes close to him, looking into his face. His body starts to stiff, and got rocky in a moment right before Pikachu's eyes. Pikachu wonders at first what is going on, sees his friend doesn't move, and shoot an electric beam at him, as he does instictively for fainted creatures. But Ash is still. Pikachu tries once more, then over and over. While he is too tired to shoot a beam anymore, Ash doesn't recover. Tears well up to Pikachu's eyes, roll down his cheeks, and drop to the ground, quickly filtered into the soil. Other original and copy monsters begin to weep. Their tears wet the ground, and are conveyed to Satoshi through the soil. His body softens slowly, and he recovers finally. Pikachu hugs him, and Ash hugs back. Mewtwo calls copy monsters by telepathy, and they floats up. He can now believe in his life, which is valuable, and is leaving to look for the place they can live. Ash, Pikachu, their party and other people and monsters see them flying away, now feeling for them. When Ash is aware, he is at the port with his friends. Other trainers are there, too. Now one remembers what happened in the island. The storm is over a moment later, and the sea recovers the peace, its surface brightening in the sunlight.

Pikachu's Quest
Ash, Misty, and Kenji go to an island while they were travelling to take a rest. While Ash, Misty, and Kenji were taking a rest, togepy trips and falls in a hole. Pikachu goes to save Togepy, then all Ash's pokemon goes to save Togepy, but they all fell in the hole. The hole lead to a place where they were many kind of pokemon, where it was like a jungle. Pikachu, and the pokemon go to search for Togepy, and asking the pokemon in the jungle if they know where Togepy is. They asked Chansey if he knows where Togepy is but he didn't know it. They asked many pokemon if they know where Togepy is they they told them that they saw Togepy with Execute, but Execute won't give Togepy back. Then suddenly, the weather started to change, and started a rainstorm. They had to save the pokemon and all the pokemon helped to save the pokemon and the forest. They had to save Execute and their nests. Ever pokemon helped each other and the rainstorm stopped. Pikachu and the pokemon went back to where Ash, Misty, and Tsuyoshi was. Ash, Misty, and Kenji didn't know where Pikachu and their pokemon was, but they were playing in the river.


A guy called Giraludan wanted the pokemon Lugia. It said that if you catch the 3 legendary birds the fourth legendary bird Lugia will come out. Moltres, the god of fire, Zapdos, the god of thunder, Articuno, the god of ice, and Lugia, the god of the sea. Ash, Misty, and Kenji go to an island, then people with masks came. They got scared but they were friendly. They said it was a celebration. Only a girl wasn't wearing a mask, she was wearing sunglasses and jeans her name was Furuula. Ash, Misty, and Kenji decided to spend the night in that town and see the celebration at night. At night the celebration began a girl was playing a flute, and she was Furuula. She looked very different from when Ash and his friends first saw her. Furuula told Ash to get the 3 treasures from the 3 islands if he is a real pokemon trainer, she said it was easy. Giraludan captured Moltres and Zapdos, all he needed was an Articuno until Lugia comes out. While Ash was travelling to get the 3 trasures a big storm came, but Ash still wanted to get the treasures so that he can prove to be a real pokemon trainer. He climbed up a hill, then he found a crystal ball which was the first treasure. He put it in his jacket and came back. then he found the second ball which was the second treasure. They found a thing and went in. It was the thing that Giraludan was on. They saw Giraludan, and Giraldan said that they can see Giraludan's collections, which was Moltres and Zapdos, but don't touch it. While Giraludan wasn't there Ash, Misty, and Kenji used their pokemon to break the barrier that was covering Moltres and Zapdos. They broke Moltres's barrier then Moltres broke Zapdos's barrier then they started to panic. They met Slowking and he told Ash to put the treasures there and Ash did but he needed one more. Slowking said that if he found one more treasure they will stop panicing. They saw an Articuno and Lugia came out. Ash rode on Lugia's back to go find the last treasure, but the 3 legendary birds try to beat Lugia they went to get the last treasure and went to where Slowking was and put it where Slowking told him. Then the 3 legendary birds stopped panicing, and the storm stopped. Then Lugia went back to the sea.


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