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Pokeball-A ball you need to capture a pokemon

Greatball-A ball you need to capture a pokemon but it is better than the normal pokeball

Ultraball-A ball you need to capture a pokemon but it is better than the gratball

Safariball-A ball you need to capture a pokemon in the safari zone and it is the same as greatball

Masterball-A ball you need to capture a pokemon but you could capture any wild pokemon by just throwing it without weakining it

Potion-Restores 20HP of your pokemon

Super Potion-Restores 50HP of your pokemon

Hyper Potion-Restores 200HP of your pokemon

Max Potion-Restores all of your pokemon's HP

Revive-Revives a fallen pokemon but your pokemon will only have half of your pokemn's HP

Max Revive-Revives a fallen pokemon and also your pokemon's HP wll be completely restored

Elixer-Restores 10PP of every move of your pokemon

Max Elixer-Restores all your pokemon's PP

Full Restore-Completely restores HP and heals all conditions

Fresh Water-Restores 50HP of your pokemon

Soda Pop-Restores 60HP of your pokemon

Lemonade-Restores 80HP of your pokemon

Antidote-Cures poisoned pokemon

Burn Heal-Cures bured pokemon

Ice Heal-Heals frozen pokemon

Awakening-Wakes up pokemon

Paralyze Heal-Heals parylyzed pokemon

Full Heal-Cures all conditions

Fire Stone-Causes fire pokemons to evolve

Thunder Stone-Causes electric pokemon to evolve

Water Stone-Causes water pokemons to evolve

Leaf Stone-Causes grass pokemons to evolve

Moon Stone-Causes Clefairy,Jiglypuff,Nidorina and Nidorino to evolve

Helix Fossil-Becomes Omanyte

Dome Fossil-Becomes Kabuto

Old Amber-Becomes Aerodactyl

Rare Candy-Increases a pokemon's level by one

HP Up-Increases your pokemon's HP level

PP Up-Increases pokemon's PP level

Protein-Increases your pokemon's attack power

Iron-Increases your pokemon's defense points

Carbos-Increases your pokemon's speed points

Calcium-Increases your pokemon's speacial abiliy

X Attack-Increases attack during a battle

X Defend-Increases defence during a battle

X Special-Increases speacial during battle

X Speed-Increases speed during battle

X Accuracy-Increases accuracy during a battle

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