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Lsis Place 2
We are renovating our home. But there is still alot to see. so have fun. God Bless

Leave the light on if you don't mind. It will make it much easier my way to find.

Leave the light on when God takes you home. So in the darkness I don't have to roam.

Leave the light so it will shine the way. To show me the way until the break of a new day.

Leave the light on Let it shine on me. So when I get to heaven you can find me

Leave the light on it makes the house feel warm. It is nice in the dark night of a storm.

Leave the light on for the sinner to find their way. Heaven bound with you Lord they can be today.

Leave the light God has come to take us home. In the darkness of this world never more will we roam.

Leave the light on for the ones I leave behind. Let them see the beauty that they can find.

Leave the light that no one will live in the dark of their past. But that they will see their way to you at Last. Leave The Light On ! Sandra Miller/ BigSis/1996-2002

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Sandra Miller/ BigSis/1996-2002

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