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L-Sis Place
We are renovating our home. But there is still alot to see. so have fun. God Bless

In the arms of a angel today. Keeping us safe along the way. In the arms of a angel safe from harm. Trusting ourselves in the angels arms.
We all have had times when we new for sure. That God kept us safe or His hands cured.

When our loved ones are hurt and we whisper that prayer. At that very moment we know God cares.
Miracles happen we can not explain. Angels protect us from much pain.

Many times we feel a presence so mild. Makes us feel safe as a little child.
God said He left His angels here with us. And I believe they are here to save and protect

So many times we just know we have been touched. God sent a angel to us, Because He loves us so much
So if you have a feeling you do'nt understand. It's probably one of God's angels holding your hand'

In the arms of a angel we will often be Because they help God to protect you and me. Sandra Miller/ BigSis/1996-2002

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Greetings From The Heart

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