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Trinity Talk FAQ

Being that I just made this site a few days ago, I haven't finished everything yet. So I don't have a lot of help for you yet.

So far I have "The Drop Down Menu Feature". Soon I will explain how to use the chat room, post a blogg, post a video, post pictures, etc. Bare with me.

The Drop Down Menu Feature
For Dummies

All bloggs are serperated by date.

To break down how the menu system works I'll take you threw it step by step:

First so you can understand, if you were to look at the menu when you first get on the page it will look like this:

► 2008 (2)
► August (2)
► Aug 10 (1)
The Candle that Didn't go out : -)
► Aug 09 (1)

Honestly for right now, you really don't even need to know how this works because no one but me has posted anything. But when people start posting there bloggs, this menu system is going to be very useful and helpful to get you where you want to go. Since there are only two bloggs, you don't even have to use this menu system because this page can take up to 100 bloggs before it starts cutting them off. So you can just scroll down and see every blogg that has been posted so far. But when things start picking up it will be helpful to know how this system works.


► 2008 (2)

Is a folder containing all the Bloggs that were posted in 2008. The number that is right next to the year (2) represents how many bloggs have been posted in 2008 and since it is still 2008, this number represents how many bloggs have been posted "so far" in 2008. Hopefully there will be more then 2 bloggs posted in the next 2 months. <:-)

The arrow in front of the 2008 (►) represents a drop down list. Click on the arrow and everything in 2008 will be shown. You should now see this :

► 2008 (2) <-Year Folder
► August (2) <-Month Folder
► Aug 10 (1) <-Month and Day folder
The Candle that Didn't go out : -) <-Most current post of the most current day
► Aug 09 (1) <- 8/09/08 Folder containing all bloggs written on that day.

So far there has been 2 bloggs posted in 2008, as you can see, those two bloggs were posted in August, 1 blogg was on the 9th, the other blogg was on the 10th.

If you click on the arrow (►) for August 09 you should see this:

► Aug 09 (1)
Welcome Video <-- This is the Title of my first blogg

And if you click on the Blogg Link "Welcome Video" the page will jump to that blogg and show that blogg only. And you can read, or in this case watch the blogg I posted August 09, 2008.

That about sums it up for the Menu Feature.