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Cruelty And The Beast

Original Version
1. Once Upon Atrocity 1:43
2. Thirteen Autumns And A Widow 7:15
3. Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids 7:18
4. Beneath The Howling Stars 7:43
5. Venus In Fear 2:20
6. Desire In Violent Overture 4:17
7. The Twisted Nails Of Faith 6:51
8. Bathory Aria 11:02
9. Portrait Of The Dead Countess 2:53
10. Lustmord And Wargasm (The Lick Of Carnivorous Winds) 7:31
Total Time 58:53

Cross Edition
1. Once Upon Atrocity 1:43
2. Thirteen Autumns And A Widow 7:15
3. Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids 7:18
4. Beneath The Howling Stars 7:43
5. Venus In Fear 2:20
6. Desire In Violent Overture 4:17
7. The Twisted Nails Of Faith 6:51
8. Bathory Aria 11:02
9. Portrait Of The Dead Countess 2:53
10. Lustmord And Wargasm (The Lick Of Carnivorous Winds) 7:31

11. Lustmord And Wargasm (The Re-Licking Of Cadaverous Wounds) 7:48
12. Black Metal 3:23
13. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Shallow Be My Grave) 7:08
14. Sodomy & Lust 4:44
15. Twisting Further Nails (the cruci-fixion mix) 5:32
Total Time 77:06


Robin Graves
- Nocturnal Pulse

"This Libertine, A Merciless Necrophile Employs A Drug Which Induces Death-Like Sleep.
His Victims Are Nailed In Coffins And Buried, Shortly After Which They Revive.
The Libertine Waits By The Grave, Placing His Ear To The Soil To Hear A Scream;
If They Do, It Suffices To Make Him Discharge Over The Gravestone.
He Has Killed And Then Enjoyed Most Of His Loved Ones In This Particular Fashion"

- Infernal Overkill

"This Libertine Uses A Machine Which Drills Through Bodies
With A Hollow Steel Bit, Extracting Cylindrical Gobbets Of Flesh
When Removed; If Not Removed The Machine Bores On Automatically, Bringing
Him To Violent Rapture Amid The Jabbing Arc Of His Victims's Blood"

- Zyklon Beats

"Gradually Perfecting His Art On Various Parts Of The Body Over The Years,
This Infamous Skin-Beater Now Thrashes His Victims From Head To Toe
Until She Is Flayed Alive; Wearing Her Skin To Dinner Almost As An
Erotic Afterthought"

Gian Pyres
- Carnivorous Licks

"This Libertine Used To Revel In Just Licking A Lover's Face. Now As A Mature Man
He Prefers To Twist Her Head Right Around Until She Stares Backward.
In This Way, He May Simultaneously Gloat Over Her Tortured Face And Buttocks."

Dani Filth
- Oral Pleasures

"A Renowed Blasphemer, This Libertine Now Goes As Far
As To Deflower Then Crucify Young Virgins, Leaving Them To Suffer
The Agonies Of The Damned As Carrion For Ravens
And Other Less Picky Nightcrawlers..."

- Unbiblical Chords/Torture Chamber Music

"This Libertine Poses As A Priest, First Cataloguing Sordid Confessions
From His Flock Before Showering His Seed Into Their Cold Dead Eyes.
Another Of His Manias Is To Have A Naked Nun Sit Astride A Large Crucifix
Whereupon He Plunges His Priesthood Into Her Cunt Up To The Hilt:
His Thrusts Making Her Clitoris Grind Upon Christ's Beard."

Robin Graves Age 27 Stabbed To Death 13 Times By His 17 Year Old Female Cousin, A City College Co-ed, Who Had Learnt Of Her Mother And Father By Graves' Nefärious Midnight Rites. Purchasing The Knife More Than Twelve Hours Before The Deed & Practising It's Efficiency By Cutting Off Two Canaries' Heads In The Kitchen Of Their Shared Abode, She Then Crept Into His Bedroom To Make The Savage Attack. Motive... Revenge Killing. Adjusted Insane.

Accidental Homicide. Slipped From Chair And Strangled Himself Whilst Attempting To Simulate Restrictive Breathing Masturbation Techniques. He Was Cut Down On Discovery Of His Body. Note: Severe Callous Marks On Throat, Discolouration Of Face And Distended Bloodshot Eyes. 14/10/98

Unidentified Caucasian Male. Cause Of Death, Single Bullet Wound To The Top Of The Head. Body Found In Possession Of Narcotics And A Strange Mechanical Device Caked In Human Tissue. 12/10/98. - Unsolved

Mr. Nicholas Barker Age 25 Killed By What The Coroner's Report Attests To As "Several Persons". His Body Was Found Beaten & Asphyxiated By Fiends Who Crudely Carved An Obscene Phrase ("Die Pig") Reminiscent Of The Tate Killing In His Chest. Cause Of Death Included Extreme Blood Loss And Genital Amputation. Police Suspect Female Involvement Due To The Use Of Lipstick Used To Mark Out Knife Cuts And The Non-Retrieval Of Testicles.

"There Is A Drive Within Me So Powerful That It Completely Takes Over My Sense Of Reasons And Values. Every Day Of My Dark-Glassed Life I Am At The Mercy Of This Insane Maddening Lust To Commit The Ultimate Crime Of Horror, And Only When It Is Done Will I Be At Rest. This Is What I Intend To Do, But I Do Not Know Why..." Gerard Schaefer Jr. - Psychopath


Dramatis Personae

Also Buried In This Grave Of Scorched Earth Erotica Are The Dulcet Ghost Laments Of
Sarah Jezebel Deva And The Sapphic Oration Of Danielle Cneajna Cottington (The Breath
Of The Countess In Youth).
These Are The Syren In Shadow.

Lady Bathory Portrayed On "The Twisted Nails of Faith" And "Eyes That Witnessed Madness"
By The Glamour Of Hammer, Ingrid Pitt. A Role Perfected For The Second Time.

Chapter IV, "Cruelty & The Beast", Was Invoked From Tthe First Full Moon Of January To The
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Of March, At DEP International/Abattior studios, Birmingham, 1998 E.H.

Production Mercilessly Butchered By Jan Peter Genkel & Cradle Of Filth, With Totally
Uncivil Engineering By Sprigg. Also, Various Production, Corruption & Eruption Credits
Must Be Attributed To One Mike Exeter, Who Strayed Beyond The Veil Of Sanity To See
The Curse Lifted.

Solo Orchestral Movements Summoned By Candlelight At Springvale Studios, Ipswitch,
Under The Assistant Therionship Of Make Harwood.
Slavemastered At Transfermation, London.
All Lyrics And Defloration Of The English Language By Dani.
Music Collectively Chewed On, Swallowed And Sicked Back Up Again, By Cradle Of Filth.
Published By Zomba Music Pub. Ltd.
Grapic Violence And Slayout By Mez
All Nightmare Visions And/Or Sexual Phantasies Tortuously Photographed By Stu Williamson, England.
Elizabeth Bathory Immortalised By Our Very Own Vamp-mannequin. Luise Morando. Her Dying
Swans Were Correna Bullen And Linda Stokes. Hair by Andrew Minarik. Make-Up By Correna Bullen.

An Extra Bout Of Gratitude Must Be Delivered Upon The Alchemist For The Loan Of His
Treasury And The Suitably Gothick 'Alembic Hall.'

Nasty Legal Dilemmas And Serial Murder Charges Sorted By Tim Northrop, Scarles Solicitors.

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