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     Search Engine with lots of Vancouver Island and British Columbia links. Check it out.  






    1. Experimental Aircraft
    2. Another great homebuilt site
    3. Western Producer Classifieds
    5. Engine information
    6. Source for Sitka Spruce right here on Vancouver Island. Check out this web-site and compare the prices before you add on the 50% exchange rate, shipping etc. to your US order.
    7. Numerous aviation links of all categories
    8. Source for stamps of all types for logbook documentation! Nanaimo Area!
    9. Lots of aviation pictures at this one!
    10. Ultralight,GA,amateur built Service Dificulty Reports and Accident/Incident Reports!
    11. A weather link!
    12. A flight planner
    13. British Columbia Aviation Museum
    14. Tailwheel Training
    15. A survival site
    16. Another survival site
    17. Volkswagon Powered
    18. Ultra-light training at Duncan Airport