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A listing of known books specifically about the Great Pyrenees/Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Please send full details of any Pyrs books to include on this list (Book, Author, Publisher, Date, ISBN Number, Language written in, and any other specifics) to Northcott Design Works. Visit our magazine page at GREAT PYRENEES Magazines.

Breed Specific Books

Author Published ISBN #
A New Owner's Guide to Great Pyrenees (English) Kim Lasley 2001 0793828163
El Perro de Montana de Los Pirineos (Spanish) Manuel Gomez de Zamora & Miguel Angel Attance 2001 84-255-1367-7
Reunion des Amateurs de Chiens Pyreneen (French) R.A.C.P. 1927 Reprint by Joseph B. Gentzel 2001 0-9706687-0-8
Le Chien des Pyrenees et le Chien de Berger des Pyrenees (English) Reprint translated by Joseph B. Gentzel 2001 reprint of 1927 RACP book
Great Pyrenees, A Complete Pet Owner's Manual (English) Joan Hustace Walker 1999 0-7641-0734-8
Le Montagne des Pyrenees (French) Benoit Cockenpot 1998 2-9106-3247-4
Les Chiens des Pyrenees, Labrits et Patous, Chiens du Berger (French) Jacques Coly 1998 2-7089-8633-3
The Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Diamond Jubilee (English) Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain 1996 private
Le Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees (French) Antonio Guardamagna 1995 2-7328-2135-7
The New Complete Great Pyrenees (English) Paul Strang 1991 0-87605-188-3
Great Pyrenees (English) Andrew M. Jonson 1990 0-86622-679-6
El Montana de los Pirineos (Spanish) Pilar Ocariz Brana & Josep Anfrill i Miravent 1990 84-255-0693-X
Il Cane da Montagna dei Pirenei (Italian) Antonio Guardamagna 1990
The Great Pyrenees Mary W. Crane 1989 reprint of 1949 book
Dog (Japanese) Ryoko Hayashida 1989 4-416-58916-6
Great Pyrenees (Japanese) Ryoko Hayashida 1989 4-416-58910-7
Les Chiens Pyreneens - de garde et de conduite des troupeaux en haute montagne (French) Jacques Coly c. 1985
(BOOK TITLE IN JAPANESE) Ryoko Hayashida 1984 4-416-58408-3
The Great Pyrenees Puppy Book (English) Bonnie Ross 1983 0-911039-01-5
Le Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees (French) Dr. Vet. Maurice Luquet 1983
Pyrenean Dogs (English) Ch. Duconte & J.A. Sabouraud 1982 0-7182-2290-3
Le Montagne des Pyrenees (French) J.F. Manauthon 1979
The Pyrenean Mountain Dog (The Great Pyrenees) (English) John Gordon 1978 0-7028-1066-5
Le Saint-Bernard, Le Chien de Montagnes des Pyrenees (French) Docteur R. Blineau & Docteur J.B. Hulin, Veterinaires 1978
The Complete Great Pyrenees (English) Paul D. Strang & James M. Giffin 1977 0-87605-163-8
The Pyrenean Mountain Dog (English) Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain 1976 0-7071-0578-1
Messengers from Ancient Civilizations (English) Edmond S. Bordeaux & Norma Nilsson de Bordeaux 1974 private
My Travelling and My Dogs (English) Mme. J. Harper Trois-Fontaines 1972 private
The Pyreneans Mountain Dog (English) W.D.R. Calvert c. 1970
How to Raise and Train a Great Pyrenees (English) Edith K. Smith 1964 0-87666-311-0
The Great Pyrenees (English) Mary W. Crane 1949
The Great Pyrenees (English) Mary W. Crane 1936
Le Chien des Pyrenees et le Chien de Berger des Pyrenees (French) Monsieur Bernard Senac Lagrange (RACP) 1927

Annuals, Handbooks & Magazines

Author Published ISBN #
The Source - Canadian Great Pyrenees Annual Sharon J. Armstrong 1999 private
Handbook of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain 1997
Handbook of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog in New Zealand Jan Chaplin & Ronda Trent 1994 private
The Handbook of Pyrenean Mountain Dogs in Australia Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Victoria, Inc 1992 private
The International Magazine of Pyrenean Mountain Dogs Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain 1990+ private
The Great Pyrenees Annual Lyn Snyder Hoflin 1981+
International Great Pyrenees Review Sonya J. Larsen 1971+ private
The Pyrenean Manual Constance R. Prince c. 1971 private

Pyr Stories

Author Published ISBN #
Brave Dogs, Gentle Dogs Cat Urbigkit 2005 1-59078-317-4
My Fluffy Puppy Gurley McGehee & Buckley Maurin 2002 private
Barnaby and Thor Sue Hegarty 2002 0-939549-53-0
Ring of Tall Trees John Dowd 1992 0-920417-15-9
Waiting For Anya Michael Morpurgo 1991 0749706341
Sheep Dog George Ancona 1985 0-688-04118-3
The Man Who Rode His 10-Speed Bicycle to The Moon Bernard Fischman 1979 0-399-90038-1
First Lady - My Thirty Days Upstairs in the White House Patrick Dennis 1964
Larry of Snowy Ridge Margaret S. Johnson 1956
Un Homme et Son Chien Jean Nourry unknown
Belle et Sebastien Aubry Cecile unknown

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