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Popstar Awards 2003 - Season Three

Popstar Awards 2004
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About my site:
I really wanted an award site for the longest time and on April 10, 2001 out of know where I decided to finally make one. You may have already noticed that the name of this site is called "Popstar Awards 2004" I decided to name it that because "pop" is my favourite kind of music and there are A LOT of websites out there about popstars, so thats basically how I got the name. This award site is for webmasters from all over the world who work really hard on there sites and don't really get the recognition they deserve. But now they will, so please nominate your site!!

My name is Vanessa you may know me from my other two sites "Forever Britney Clique" and "Vanessa's Britney Picture Service. The award maker this season is Tine (she is also making some buttons for this year) and, the banner and affiliate button makers are Valerie, Mandy and Ashley - Thanks guys for all your help =)

04/23/04: This site is closed until further notice.