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As promised the site is undergoing a redesign, and hopefully should come out of it looking better than ever!. As you can see I am still running my "who is the best rower ever" competition, as, despite Redder's performace in Sydney (we are not worthy), I am still determined to gain more votes than him in the survey!.
Anyway, if you ahve anything funny you want to include, you know the drill (or the screwdriver if you so prefer). .
Mail the bLadEs wEbmasTerhere!

There are several sections to this site. We have spent many long minutes thinking up things that rowers might find funny, and since we couldn't think of anything, we decided to put this lot in anyway.
The Gods of Rowing
"What the bow-man heard", comedy coxing comments
Did you see gold fever?. No?. Then you have to watch this.
Click here for programme one
Click here for programme two
Click herefor programme three

As well as these programmes I also have a copy of Grandstand's coverage of the Supersprints events held at Dorning Lake. This is probably Redder's last International Regatta. Click here.
By the way, you'll need realplayer

Comedy injuries

Well, I've been told that lots of Worcester College rowers are using this page as a link to their homepage, and I have been asked to add a link onto the page. As I am unable to go against anything a beautiful girl asks me to do, here's the link.
Click Here
Wow, our first emailed material. I have absolutally no idea who this came from, but thanks to, whoever you are. This stuff is dynamite!.

What makes a good eight crew?

What happens when a rower coxes?

A Rower's coxing comments

This site came from God himself. See, we are a blessed sport. Click here for the comedy Expert cox box site!

If you are a rower, then please click here. This site is called the Alternative Rower, and those of you who get Regatta magazine will be familiar with how funny this is. Those of you who aren't. Go now, trust me it's worth it!>

This is great. The rowing A-Z. Click here

In this stressfull time of exam period, being a rower can put extra pressure on you. Luckily bLadEs is here to help you. Click herefor rower's exam tips.

You know you are a rower when....

Well, what can I say?. We've all suffered from it, but click here if you really want to know what to do about bodily functions whilst rowing

A serious affliction wich affects the rowing world is the single scull. Who actually enjoys it?. Well, if you want to know how to enjoy it more, click here

well this has to be one of the funniest rowing pictures I have ever seen!. That guy at six, where the hell does he think that he's going?. Surely the crew isn't that bad. This is a perfect example of comedy rowing. I hope those serious rowers amongst you are paying attention!. This is how it's done.

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