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Bavaria Germanair

D-AMAX Airbus A300 B4 c/n 012, "Maximilian"
Photo from "Bei uns an Bord", Bavaria Germanair

One of the former West German short lived air carrier was Bavaria Germanair. The company
was formed after a merger of Bavaria Fluggesellschaft and Germanair 1977.03.01 and opera-
ted to and from several cities in Europe. Their hub was Munic. In the end of 1978 the carrier
ceased operation and merged with Hapag Lloyd.

The fleet

Airbus A300 B4

D-AMAX c/n 012 del. to Germanair 1975-05-23, currently EI-TLB Channel Express Air Service, [B/U]
D-AMAY c/n 020 del. to Germanair 1976-04-07, currently EI-CJK Channel Express Air Service, [B/U]
D-AMAZ c/n 025 del to Bavaria Germanair 1977-05-02, currently AP-BCP Pakistan International, [W/O]

BAC 1-11 400
D-AISY c/n 158 del. To Bavaria Fluggesellschaft 70.04.22
D-ANNO c/n 160 del. To Bavaria Fluggesellschaft 70.12.20

BAC 1-11 500

D-AMAS BAC 1-11/515FB c/n 187
Photo: British Aerospace

D-AMAS BAC 1-11 c/n 187

D-AMAS c/n 187 del. to Germanair 72.05.10
D-AMOR c/n 197 del. to Germanair 70.03.20
D-AMUC c/n 227 del. to Bavaria Fluggesellschaft 70.12.03
D-AMAM c/n 229 del. to Germanair 72.05.25
D-ALFA c/n 234 del. to Bavaria Fluggesellschaft 71.02.26
D-AMAT c/n 235 del. to Germanair 71.05.08
D-ANUE c/n 238 del. to Bavaria Fluggesellschaft 72.03.2

Fokker VFW614

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Images of Bavaraia Germanair, A300B4 from Airliners Net
D-AMAY at Athens, Greece

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