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Lets give a bit of my profile!

lets see... I think my name is Graham St.Eloi and i'm around 16 and 1/2 years old. Last time I checked I was 6' tall and 189 lbs. I have a good looking girlfriend and her name is Erika and she goes to Sir Winston Churchill Secondary. Sadly I don't go there any more because I'm learning at Kitsilano Secondary (Damn parents and haveing to move..) I like meny things such as Drafting where i'm planing on going to learn at BCIT To become a full fleged Draftsman, I like Playstation most of the games I have I like (Eg. Breath of fire 4, Final fantasy 9, C&C retaliation and Marvel vs. Capcom) and I also like to play MUDS (multi-user dungons AKA. rpg online) i'll make Shur i post and update all my Characters for the MUDs my favorites are A darkportal and Other realm. If i've left any thing out E-Mail me at

My Favorite things in life!