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  • Dolly
  • Breed : Border Collie
  • Born: June 2 1998
  • Gender: Female Web Site: DOLLY'S HOMEPAGE!! This little beauty is Dolly.....she came from Lucky..and she got the looks and brains from her! Dolly knows quite a lot of tricks....she knows how to sit, stay, come, give both paws, hold paw up, bow, lie down, crawl a little, kinda play dead, play frisbee, fetch, and go up a step ladder and go on a s stool then jump through a hoola hoop! when Dolly was little she got a broken paw, so now she has a bent paw....but i hope to get it fixed for her someday...Dolly is a very nice dog...and i love her very very much and i know she is the same for me! - Hannah> Dolly is almost just like her mommy, Lucky, now! We are best of buds! Dolly is getting so good at agility, she will be in shows any time now! Dolly is the best dog in the whole wide world! "Woof" THIS A PICTURE OF DOLLY GETTING BOTTLE FED! MEET DOLLY! Doesn't Dolly look like an 'Old Fashion' Dog! This is Dolly waiting at the Dog Show of 2000! This is Lucky & Dolly as 'Cow Girls'! FIND OUT WHERE AND HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR PET FOR LUCKY PET OF THE WEEK! COME SEE THIS WEEKS LUCKY PET OF THE WEEK!